Important Announcement

Lodging/Hostel Facility

The Institute is not in a position to provide hostel facility to its out-station students.

However, we help our students to find suitable accommodation close to the Institute, once they have arrived in New Delhi.

Room charges might vary from Rs.7000/- to Rs.15000/- per month, depending upon the students’ requirements.

Getting decent accommodation is not difficult, provided candidates reach Delhi at least a couple of days before securing their admission in the Institute. We do not endorse any broker, nor do we take responsibility for their actions.

Here are some telephone numbers of brokers and agents you may wish to contact.

There are many more brokers in Old Rajendra Nagar area and you might search websites such as,

Vinay Marwah – 98103 25086 / 9999265086

Bawa Properties – 9868244198 / 9868431858

Loveleen – 9810771139

Raghav Properties – 9999267333