History Optional Enrichment-Advance Test Programme-2024

by Vajiram & Ravi

Enrich - History

Vajiram and Ravi brings to you the Enrich - History optional Programme to help aspirants with history optional to upgrade their preparation by a notch with dedicated classes based on the most important topics and the current trend of UPSC. History Optional develops a myriad of perspectives by studying various elements of history, which help students in other papers of general studies. This program targets all segments of aspirants and helps them to attain the demand of the subject and translate their knowledge into good marks:

  • Freshers (who have not joined regular classroom program and need guidance on self study) - To deal with dynamic topics with inter linkages generally not covered in the textbooks

  • Those who are in revision mode (having done classroom) and need to practise answer writing and also focus on areas like historiography, subaltern dimensions, link with contemporary pattern

  • College students with history as graduation subject to help bridge their academic knowledge with the UPSC syllabus.



  • 30 Value addition classes for conceptual enrichment

  • 8 sectional Mini tests based on classes (one after 4 classes)

  • Course design based on PYQs and current development

  • Answer writing practice in the classes

  • Previous Year Question Detailed Discussion

  • Supporting study material and handouts

  • Special emphasis on Mapping classes

  • Personalised handholding and guidance by Faculties

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