PSIR Optional Enrichment-Advance Test Programme-2024

by Vajiram & Ravi

PSIR Enrichment Course

Political Science and International Relations has been one of the most preferred optional subjects for the Civil services because of the consistency in scoring. Paper 1 includes Political Theory, Indian Government and Politics. Paper 2 includes Comparative Political Analysis, International Politics, India and the World. While Paper I is majorly conceptual and static, Paper 2 requires greater attention to contemporary events with greater emphasis on updated information along with conceptual clarity. With the changing trends of the optional paper, it is important that each section of paper 1 and paper 2 is covered comprehensively.

Despite high success rate in PSIR,students have following profound concerns:

  • Enrichment of the optional content especially related to dynamic topics (current developments).

  • Concerns regarding answer writing.

  • How to develop better conceptual understanding which should reflect in the answers?

  • How to connect theoretical aspects of the syllabus with current developments in Political theory, Indian Government and Politics and International Relations?

Enrich- PSIR Program has been designed to comprehensively address all the above concerns



  • 24 Value addition classes for Core Topics - conceptual enrichment and current developments

  • Answer writing practice in the class

  • Detailed Discussion on PYQs

  • 12 Sectional Tests + Detailed evaluation+ 12 Discussion classes

  • 2 Full Length Tests + Detailed evaluation + 2 Discussion classes

  • Supporting study material and handouts, especially for dynamic topics of the syllabus

  • Personalised handholding and guidance by Faculties.

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