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ACE College Foundation Classroom Programme

10-Months Prelims Cum Mains General Studies Comprehensive Live Online Programme

2-Year Prelims Cum Mains Fledgling General Studies Comprehensive Classroom Programme

2-Year Prelims Cum Mains Fledgling General Studies Comprehensive LIVE-Online Programme

ACE College Foundation LIVE- Online Programme

10-Months Prelims Cum Mains General Studies Comprehensive Classroom Programme

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Vajiram & Ravi GS Foundation Courses

Since 1976, Vajiram & Ravi has been a pioneer in the field of providing quality education for the UPSC Civil Service Exam preparation. With five decades of teaching experience, we at Vajiram & Ravi very well understand the specific needs of aspirants who intend to qualify the prestigious Civil Services Exam and contribute to the growth and development of the Nation.

In light of this understanding, we have developed a variety of General Studies Programmes that are tailored to meet the ambitions, competence and proficiency levels, and also the individual preferences of the aspirants. Every GS Foundation Course at Vajiram & Ravi is available in both Classroom and LIVE-Online Modes.

Features of GS Foundation Course

GS Foundation Course usually follows a well-structured study plan designed by experienced faculty and subject matter experts. Such a study plan helps aspirants organise their preparation, cover the entire UPSC syllabus for General Studies, and revise very effectively before the exam starts.

Some of the features of the GS Foundation Courses offered by Vajiram & Ravi are as follows:

  1. Vajiram & Ravi Foundation Courses are conducted by highly experienced and qualified Faculty members who have great expertise in their respective subjects. Aspirants will benefit from their guidance, strategy, and tips to tackle different sections of the UPSC Exam.
  2. GS Foundation Courses also focus on Current Affairs, which is a crucial part of the UPSC Exam. Such courses help aspirants stay updated on the latest national and international developments.
  3. GS Foundation Course includes regular practice tests and mock exams to assess aspirants' progress and performance. Regular evaluation and feedback help aspirants identify their strengths and weaknesses and also helps to improve overall UPSC preparation.
  4. UPSC GS Foundation Courses also teach aspirants how to manage time effectively during preparation for the IAS Exam. Since time management is critical in the IAS Exam, these courses help aspirants develop strategies to answer questions within the stipulated time.
  5. UPSC GS Foundation Courses provide comprehensive study material, including books, notes and hand-outs, and a variety of online resources, which saves candidates from the hassle of finding the right study materials on their own.
  6. Enrolling in a GS Foundation Course also allows aspirants to interact with fellow aspirants. Learning from peer interactions, group discussions, and knowledge sharing among peers, can enhance one's understanding and perspective on various topics by a great margin.
  7. Lastly, being part of a structured course with regular classes and evaluation helps aspirants stay motivated and disciplined throughout their preparation journey. This is crucial for success in the IAS Exam.


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