ACE College Foundation LIVE- Online Programme

by Vajiram & Ravi

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10 Months


Rs. 90,000 (Incl. GST)

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ACE College Foundation LIVE- Online Programme

About the ACE College Foundation Programme

The Approach for Competitive Exams (ACE) College Foundation Programme  will aid in the establishment of a solid General Studies (G.S) foundation, which is the most important part in many exams, along with inculcation of essential Study Habits, and the development of a proper Aptitude for various Competitive Exams. It intends to provide the base for entry to the public sector through competitive exams.


The ACE College Foundation Programme intends to fill the void created by the absence of a trusted and experienced guidance programme. The Programme will aid in building a prerequisite knowledge base with all the necessary information and understanding by being there at every step. It intends to make the pillar of an aspirant’s foundational knowledge stronger than ever, without compromising daily classes at college.


ACE College Foundation Programme’s whole idea is to reinvent:

  • how preparation for Competitive Exams has to be approached
  • how to make the best use of time to lay a strong foundation as early as possible
  • Help the student realise her strong and weak areas as soon as possible to work on them


A redesigned pedagogy to deliver classes is the key to the Programme. It has been designed keeping in mind the interest and learning capacity of college students and also what can help them best retain their studies in order to perform better in the various Competitive Exams.

Features of the ACE College Foundation Programme

  • 10-months course duration helps students to learn at a comfortable pace.
  • Total of 160 General Studies, 40 CSAT and 40 Current Affairs class lectures
  • 550+ Hours of teaching delivered by experienced subject specialists.
  • Classes are held for 2 hours, 4-5 times a week.
  • One of the five classes would focus on Current Affairs and building good studying habits to encourage students to read and study newspapers, read books, and practise note-making to expand their knowledge base and writing skills.
  • The classes are offered in a LIVE-online format, which means they will be accessible online in a live setting.
  • The lectures are given utilising redefined pedagogy using student-friendly technology and supporting resources like innovative study resources and assessment modules.
  • Study Materials cover:
    • Core General Studies subjects (Indian Polity & Constitution, Geography & Environment, Indian History, Economy, General Science)
    • General Aptitude syllabus (Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability)
  • Access to class lectures online at any time during the course to revise.
  • Designated mentor to help understand concepts better and have a support system during the preparation phase.
  • Weekly Mains Answer Writing Programme and MCQ Tests, along with explanation, feedback and model answers are provided.
  • Numerous motivational sessions for motivation-cum-guidance by experts of the field.
  • During and after the Programme, students will have access to mentors for career counselling and guidance to decide on the right career.
  • Access to student portal of Vajiram & Ravi catering to classes, objective and subjective tests, supplemental study materials (not the books), daily current affairs, editorials, summary of important magazines, class schedules and announcements.

Why choose the ACE College Foundation Programme?

Many aspirants dream of becoming a civil servant. However, the majority of aspirants get stuck in the Prelims stage for years. Even if they clear the Prelims, they struggle to clear the Mains Exam for a variety of reasons, including answer writing, time management, the ability to write extensively, switch between topics of various subjects, and answer writing. The competitive nature of the UPSC CSE Exam requires, to put it mildly, at least a year of committed and diligent preparation.


According to our observation, most aspirants encounter the following significant challenges:

  • Aspirants lack a thorough understanding of the Preliminary and Mains UPSC CSE Syllabus.
  • Aspirants prepare for the Main Exam after clearing the Prelims Exam, which results in a disjointed and ineffective preparation.
  • Aspirants lack a fundamental knowledge of the essential subjects.
  • Aspirants lack discipline when it comes to their preparation.
  • Aspirants lack the dedication needed to fully master the extensive and dynamic UPSC CSE syllabus, despite their determination.
  • The subjects covered in the lectures are not repeatedly revisited and revised by aspirants.
  • Even aspirants with strong educational backgrounds struggle to deliver, use, and answer questions in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Despite having a strong foundation and strong writing abilities, aspirants struggle to finish all 20 questions of each Mains Paper on time.

Who should join the ACE College Foundation Programme?

All serious aspirants who dream and intend to take up various Competitive Exams in 2024, and wish to build a strong foundation in General Studies and Aptitude, and also require career counseling and guidance, can be a part of the ACE G.S College Foundation Programme.

  • Aspirants enrolled in various graduation courses are eligible to take up the Programme to prepare for Competitive Exams without hampering their regular college academics.               
  • Aspirants who have completed their graduation but have not made up their minds to get into the mode of starting preparation for Competitive Exams.
  • Aspirants who intend to get oriented to a preparation strategy for various Competitive Exams in a slow and steady manner.
  • Aspirants who intend to pursue some sort of basic preparation during graduation and wish to approach the Competitive Exams with all sincerity in the future.

How will the ACE College Foundation Programme help you?

ACE College Foundation Programme will help students in a wide range of ways, including by encouraging early and effective learning, practising strategies and increasing General Studies knowledge, all of which will build a solid foundation covering the fundamentals of the Competitive Exams’ syllabi in granular and thorough detail.


Online Classroom Benefits:

  • Live streaming of the classes will allow students to experience a virtual classroom at home, simply put its education anytime and anywhere.
  • Students can voice doubts in front of classmates in the live online classroom session.


Course Focused Benefits:

  • Duration – 10 Months  

A comfortable duration of 10 months of the Programme provides ample time space to learn at a pace suited to most students. Especially those aspirants, who are pursuing any other degree and who find it difficult to cope with the demand of the Competitive Exams, which requires covering the syllabus and catering to the understanding of all nuances of the topics. 

  • 5 classes a week

Classes are scheduled for 2.5 hours each, which includes coverage of the syllabus and development of understanding, which provides a unique platform for organic interaction between students and the faculties. In order to inculcate good studying habits, one of the four classes would focus on current affairs and building good study habits by encouraging students to read and study newspapers, read books, and practise note-making to expand their knowledge base and writing skills.

  • Flexibility: LIVE-Online mode Classes

Keeping in mind the importance of accessibility, the Programme is available in LIVE-online format for better access to the students who don’t have time to spare for travel and attend the classes, along with all those who are unable to reach Delhi. 

  • Redefined Pedagogy     

The most important aspect of Competitive Exams is to have the competitive advantage in understanding the basics and building the foundation over it. The way the classes are delivered using student-friendly technology and supporting aid like innovative study resources and assessment modules are the key to making the foundation strong as steel. 

  • Designated Mentors     

Considering the need of the new entrants to Competitive Exams’ preparation cycle which involves core understanding of concepts and topics, but also its application to the exam process, we are introducing a concept of Designated Mentors to each student. This is to make a student understand that we are with her/him to support in their  preparation.

  • Study Materials              

Due to the special student base this Programme aims to serve, the study materials created for it are carefully curated. These study materials cover the core General Studies subjects (Indian Polity & Constitution, Geography & Environment, Indian History, Indian Economy, General Science), and General Aptitude syllabus (Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability), with student-friendly language, without at all compromising on the spirit of competitiveness and beyond.

  • Assessments     

It is imperative that aspirants take the tests to check on their progress and understanding. By streamlining the preparation process along the lines of what the Competitive Exams’ expect from an aspirant, it also allows one to meet the demands of the exam.

The Programme has two fundamental components of objective - MCQs and subjective- Paragraph Answer Writing Assessments, which are to be conducted weekly, along with detailed explanation so that aspirants can engage- learn-correct – deliver to the demand of the exam.  

  • Motivational sessions

With decades of experience guiding aspirants achieve their dream of clearing the Civil Services Exam, which is considered as the mother of all competitive exams in India, we understand that the path is never without challenges. Maintaining motivation is more important to aspirants than anything else during this preparation phase. To cater to this need, we will be managing and conducting many motivation-cum-guidance sessions by experts in the field.

  • Career Counselling & Guidance

During and after the Programme, students will have access to mentors for career counselling and guidance to decide on the right career.

By offering details on the ideal and preferred career route, other career options, their pros and cons, and likelihoods, the mentors will help with decision-making. By imparting pertinent knowledge, career counsellors will assist in laying out a path to career growth.

*The LIVE classes will be streamed online on the Vajiram & Ravi’s portal.


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