VTS - Exclusive Forestry Test batch program for IFoS Exam 2023

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement
4th October 2023
Classroom / Live Online
Rs. 7,500 (Incl. GST)

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About the V&R Forestry Optional Test Series 2023

Forestry is a specialized knowledge about forest ecosystems, forest management, wildlife conservation, forest laws and policies, and sustainable practices.


Forestry Paper I & Paper II can alter the outcome of the Indian Forest Service result by  improving your score, and increasing your chances of being shortlisted for the Personality Test.

To enhance the likelihood of this happening, you must make every effort to improve your writing abilities, knowledge, answer structure, and time management.


The V&R Forestry Optional Test Series Programme 2023 comprises both Full-length and Sectional Tests, which aid students in their comprehensive preparation for the Indian Forest Service (IFoS) Exam 2023.


The focus of the Programme is to aid  students in mastering the Art of Answer Writing.



  • Test starts on 04th October
  • Available offline in Chennai, Delhi and in online mode.
  • Total of 6 tests. 4 sectional tests and 2 full tests.
  • All tests answer paper will be evaluated and feedback will be provided within the timeline of maximum 10 days from the date of your submission.
  • Students can write the test up to 3 days from the scheduled date.
  • Test discussion by the optional faculty through recorded video.
  • One on one discussion and mentoring either personally or via call whenever required.
  • Question paper to the dynamic pattern change of UPSC Forestry question paper of last 3 years.

Daily answer writing schedule

  • Daily answer writing starts on 01st November and ends on 20th November 2023.
  • Test discussion for daily answer writing practice by the optional faculty.

Date of commencement

  • Test starts on 04th October.

Fees (Inclusive of GST)



 Forestry test batch schedule

S. no          



Discussion venue




Paper 1 (Section ASilviculture, Silviculture-Systems, Silviculture – Mangrove and Cold desert, Silviculture of trees)

Recorded video




Paper 1 (Section B - Agroforestry, Social Forestry, Joint Forest Management and Tribology, Forest Soils, soil Conservation and Watershed Management, Environmental Conservation and Biodiversity, Tree Improvement and Seed Technology)

Recorded video




Paper 2 (Section A - Forest Mensuration and Remote Sensing, Forest Management and Management Systems, Forest Working Plan, Surveying and Forest Engineering)

Recorded video




Paper 2 (Section B - Forest Ecology and Ethnobotany, Forest Resources and Utilization, Forest Protection & wildlife Biology, Forest Economics and Legislation)

Recorded video




Paper 1 – Forenoon

Recorded video




Paper 2 - Afternoon

Recorded video


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