UPSC Mock Interview - Free Interview Guidance Program for UPSC CSE

by Vajiram & Ravi

Vajiram & Ravi conducts free UPSC Mock Interview every year to assist candidates in their Personality Test preparation. Last year, it was conducted from 12th December 2023.

Typically, the number of candidates selected for the Personality Test is 2.2 times the number of vacancies advertised by UPSC each year. While the Main Exam marks determine whether a candidate qualifies for the Civil Services or not, the Interview score plays a crucial role in deciding which service the candidate is likely to join. The maximum interview marks are 275, and the interview is a critical factor in determining whether a candidate can secure their desired service.

What is the UPSC Mock Interview?

A UPSC mock interview, also known as a mock interview for the Civil Services Examination, is a practice interview session designed to help candidates prepare for the actual interview stage of the UPSC examination. The UPSC interview, which is also called the Personality Test or the Civil Services Interview, is the final stage of the UPSC selection process and plays a crucial role in determining a candidate's rank and, ultimately, their cadre allocation.

Interview according to the UPSC is described to be a test of a candidate’s overall personality which includes analytical ability, lateral thinking, logical decision making etc. The objective of the interview is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service by a board of competent and unbiased observers. The test is intended to judge the mental calibre of a candidate. In broad terms, this is really an assessment of not only his/her intellectual qualities but also social traits and his/her interest in current affairs. Some of the qualities to be judged are mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, balance of judgment, variety and depth of interests, ability for social cohesion and leadership, and intellectual and moral integrity.

Free UPSC Interview Guidance Program (IGP)

The duration of the UPSC mock interview under the free Interview Guidance Programme (IGP) is typically 30 minutes +/- 5 minutes. The range of questions will include questions on the hobby and its practical application, why he/she wishes to join the civil services, the candidate’s opinion on current/historic issues, knowledge about the candidate’s educational background, optional subject, issues of the state to which the candidate belongs to, international relations, current affairs etc. They may also provide situation-based questions and seek the candidate’s opinion/response on the same.

UPSC Mock Interview Panel

Some of our panel members are:

  • Mr. Farooqui IAS (Retd.) former Secretary to Govt. of India
  • Mr. Sanjay Srivastava IAS (Retd.)
  • Prof. Amin Usta
  • Mr. P.S.Ravindran, Director, Vajiram & Ravi and many more

Features of UPSC Interview Guidance Program

Here are the key features of our UPSC Interview Guidance Programme (IGP):

  • The interview programme at Vajiram & Ravi commences from 12th December 2023. The programme of Vajiram & Ravi consists of 2 Mock Interviews by a panel, a personal mock session with Mr. P.S. Ravindran, a session on DAF-II filling and 4 lectures on important current affairs topics.

The Interview Course at Vajiram & Ravi comprises of:

  • A session on DAF-II filling
  • 4 lectures on various important current affairs topics. 
  • 1 mock and 1 personal mock sitting with the Director Mr. P.S. Ravindran and a second mock on request made to the Institute through email-

The Interview programme consists of two stages:

  • Stage 1: Scheduling Mock Interviews (two in number, held on two different days)
  • Stage 2: A Personal face-to-face sitting with the Director Mr. P.S. Ravindran before the actual interview date at the UPSC.

Note- For queries related to Mock Interview Session and One-to-One Mock Session, Students can call on +919667273133 or mail at

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How to schedule your IAS Mock Interview & Personal sitting?

The link for admission to the Interview Guidance Programme (IGP) 2023 is available on the website.

Benefits of UPSC Mock Interview

Benefits of joining our UPSC Interview Guidance Programme (IGP):

  • Simulation: In a UPSC mock interview, candidates are put through a simulation of the actual interview process. This includes sitting before a panel of experts who ask questions related to various subjects, current affairs, and the candidate's background.
  • Panel of Experts: The panel conducting the mock interview typically consists of experienced retired civil servants, subject matter experts, and sometimes psychologists. They assess the candidate's personality, knowledge, and communication skills.
  • Feedback and Evaluation: After the mock interview session, the panel provides detailed feedback to the candidate. This feedback may cover various aspects such as the candidate's posture, communication style, content knowledge, and ability to handle stress.
  • Improvement: The primary purpose of a UPSC mock interview is to help candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses and make improvements accordingly. Candidates can work on their weaknesses and enhance their interview skills based on the feedback received during these practice sessions.
  • Subject Knowledge: Mock interviews also assess the candidate's depth of knowledge in their chosen subjects and current affairs. The panel may ask questions related to the candidate's optional subject, general knowledge, and their understanding of contemporary issues.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is a key aspect of the UPSC interview. Mock interviews help candidates practice articulating their thoughts clearly and concisely while maintaining a confident and respectful demeanor.
  • Simulating Stress: The actual interview can be stressful, and mock interviews attempt to recreate this stress to some extent. This helps candidates become more composed and handle pressure effectively during the real interview.
  • Time Management: Candidates are given a specific time frame for their responses in the UPSC interview. Mock interviews help them practice managing their time effectively and delivering comprehensive yet concise answers


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