by Vajiram & Ravi


Vajiram & Ravi Mains Test Series - FOCUSED will not only aid the aspirants in focusing intensely on their specific goal i.e., UPSC Main Exam 2023 but will also help in covering the entire syllabus comprehensively in a time-bound manner.


The V&R Mains Test Series - FOCUSED has been designed in such a way that it not only offers continuous and rigorous writing practice, but also equips the aspirant with essential knowledge through thorough assessment, feedback, & mentoring support. Through a combination of sectional and full-length tests, VTS - FOCUSED intends to identify the critical areas of improvement for the aspirants and strengthen their preparation for the Main Exam. It is designed in a way to aid aspirants in reading, revising, and assessing them in a dedicated time period.


VTS - FOCUSED includes:

  • 8 sectional Tests – 2 Tests from each General Studies paper. It will ensure enhanced focus on each section of the syllabus, aid in holistic preparation, and give much-needed confidence to the aspirants while writing answers.
  • 4 full-length Tests – covering each General Studies paper. Through a rigorous schedule modelled as per the Main Exam, it will not only assist in covering and revising the complete syllabus but also provide a thorough evaluation of the student's degree of preparedness.


Aspirants can enhance their language proficiency, writing skills, and analytical comprehension with the help of VTS - FOCUSED, enabling them to become Mains Ready and comfortably clear the Civil Services Exam's most challenging stage.


Features of VTS - FOCUSED

  • Duration: 3+ months.    
  • No. of Tests: Total 12 Tests comprising 8 sectional Tests and 4 full-length Tests.     
  • Mode: Both online and offline modes will be available.
  • Evaluation will be completed within 7 to 10 days of submission.


Mentor Support and Guidance


In order to develop a personalised strategy for each student, a specialised team of mentors will be available throughout the programme. They will evaluate the performance and fine-tune the approach towards the exam:


  • Recognising the strengths and offering suggestions on how to build on them.
  • Identifying the shortcomings and suggesting ways to improve them.
  • Aid with answer writing strategies and advancement.
  • Assisting with individualised strategic planning to strengthen the Main Exam preparations.


Mentor support is offered in offline, online, and telephonic modes.

  • Detailed discussion of Sectional Tests will be given, along with relevant value-addition of the content. 
  • Evaluated answer copies will be available to the students via the student portal. 
  • Best copies and model answers will be provided to the students.



For External Students

  • Gross Fees= Rs 15,000 + 18% GST
  • Total Fees= Rs 17,700/- 

For Ex-Vajiram Students prior to 2022 Batch

  • Gross Fees= Rs 13,000 + 18% GST
  • Tota Fees= Rs 15,340/-