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Vajiram & Ravi Mains Test Series - SPRINT will not only help the aspirants speed up their preparation for the UPSC CSE Main Exam 2023 but will also prepare them to face the rigorous schedule of the actual Mains Exam.


In order to benchmark their current preparation and raise performance, VTS - SPRINT will assist aspirants in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and providing qualitative feedback. A student will be able to create high-quality content, hone their answer-writing abilities, and refine time-management skills through this Test Series Programme. VTS - SPRINT offers the aspirants a rigorous schedule similar to the actual Main Exam, enabling them to get accustomed to it and accelerating their preparation for the actual Exam. It meets the requirements of thorough revision, answer writing, and continuous improvement.


VTS - SPRINT includes:

  • 8 full-length Tests – covering each General Studies paper. It will not only help in covering and revising the entire syllabus but will also offer an in-depth assessment of the student's level of preparedness.
  • 1 Essay Test – to assist aspirants in identifying their areas for improvement through personalised feedback on the content, structure, and relevance.


One Essay Test and four General Studies Tests will be administered in the second phase of the Test Series schedule, exactly as the actual Main Exam.


With the assistance of V&R Mains Test Series - SPRINT, aspirants can improve their writing abilities, analytical comprehension, and language proficiency in order to become Mains Ready and qualify for the most difficult part of the Civil Services Exam with a comfortable margin.


Features of VTS - SPRINT

  • Duration: 3+ months.    
  • No. of Tests: Total 9 Tests comprising 8 full-length Tests and 1 Essay test, with the final stage closely resembling the actual UPSC Mains schedule.
  • Mode: Both online and offline modes will be available.
  • Evaluation will be completed within 7 to 10 days of submission. 


Mentor Support and Guidance


In order to develop a personalised strategy for each student, a specialised team of mentors will be available throughout the programme. They will evaluate the performance and fine-tune the approach toward the exam:


  • Recognising the strengths and offering suggestions on how to build on them.
  • Identifying the shortcomings and suggesting ways to improve them.
  • Aid with answer writing strategies and advancement.
  • Assisting with individualised strategic planning to strengthen the Main Exam preparations.


Mentor support is offered in offline, online, and telephonic modes.

  • Evaluated answer copies will be available to the students via the student portal.
  • Best copies and model answers will be made accessible to the students.


For External Students

  • Gross Fees= Rs 10,000 + 18% GST
  • Total Fees= Rs 11,800/- 

For Ex-Vajiram Students prior to 2022 Batch

  • Gross Fees= Rs 8000 + 18% GST
  • Tota Fees= Rs 9440/-


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