Preparing & Revising Current Affairs for Prelims Exam


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The UPSC Civil Services Examination is known for its dynamic and evolving nature. The syllabus and question patterns are not fixed, and the examiners often incorporate current affairs into the questions to assess your analytical and decision-making abilities.


Every year about 15-20 questions are asked directly from Current Affairs in the UPSC Prelims exam. However, they may not be direct fact-based questions, such as “Who is the first Lokpal of India?” Instead, questions concerning the Lokpal Bill might be asked.


Moreover, it has been observed that 60-70% of the questions asked in UPSC CSE Prelims are related to current events in some way. For example, if some bilateral dispute of the river is in the news, static questions concerning the river or the states involved can be asked in the GS paper. Logically, it can be said that it does not directly belong to the current affairs section, but the inspiration to ask such questions is undoubtedly taken from the contemporary event.


To help the aspirants adapt to this dynamic nature of questions, Vajiram & Ravi came up with PowerUp Current Affairs Test Series 2024, exclusively curated to cover the development of the current affair in each month comprehensively.


How does the V&R PowerUp Current Affairs Test Series 2024 benefit you?


Relevance in Preliminary Exam:


The UPSC CSE Preliminary Exam includes a significant portion dedicated to current affairs. Questions related to national and international events, government policies, social issues, economic developments, science and technology advancements, and more are asked to assess the candidate's awareness of the contemporary world. 


  • Total of 15 Tests will be conducted with comprehensive coverage of 12 months of current affairs (12 Monthly Tests, 2 Revision Tests and 1 Exclusive Test based on International Relations, Places and events in news and Mapping etc.).


Analytical Thinking:


Current affairs demand analytical thinking and the ability to critically assess information. Regularly following news and current events enhances your analytical skills, enabling you to understand the nuances, causes, and consequences of various issues. This analytical thinking is essential for the UPSC CSE, which emphasizes comprehensive understanding and logical reasoning. 


  • Coverage: The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Times of India, PIB, The Economic Times, Financial Express, Government websites, Magazines like Vajiram Recitals, Down to Earth, etc


Building Confidence:


Consistently attempting current affairs questions in test series enhances your confidence in tackling the current affairs section of the UPSC Civil Services Examination. As you improve your scores and observe progress over time, your confidence in your current affairs knowledge and analytical abilities grows. Confidence is essential for performing well in the exam and maintaining a positive mindset.


  • Detailed answers with explanations, All India Rank and AI-based performance analysis to help you keep a track record, based on your performance.


When utilizing test series for revising current affairs, make sure to thoroughly analyze the explanations and solutions provided for each question. This will deepen your understanding of the topics and help you learn from your mistakes. Additionally, supplement your test series practice with regular reading of newspapers, magazines, and online sources to stay updated with the latest current affairs. Hoping this  test series will help you power up your overall performance for UPSC CSE Prelims 2024!