FLEDGE for the UPSC Civil Services Exam in the span of two years - move through the gears!

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 FLEDGE for the UPSC Civil Services Exam in the span of two years - move through the gears! Blog Image

Are you a college student who has made the decision to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam, but you have trouble finding a programme that will assist you in building the foundation and then assist you to fully commit to your preparation?


Build a firm foundation in the first year and then progress on to a comprehensive UPSC CSE preparation in the second year with Vajiram & Ravi - 2 Years General Studies Fledgling Prelims cum Mains Comprehensive Programme.


As to "fledge" is to "acquire the feathers necessary for flight," Vajiram & Ravi was inspired by the phenomenon to develop the V&R 2 Years General Studies Fledgling Prelims cum Mains Comprehensive Programme for the UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains Programme. This Programme will assist students in acquiring all the necessary feathers of knowledge, skillset, and confidence.


The two-year programme will assist you by:


Encouraging the following a carefully planned strategy rather than diving in head first


  • In the first year, the Programme will help you lay a strong foundation in General Studies (Indian Politics & Constitution, Geography & Environment, Indian History, Economics, and General Science), which will be the fundamentals and building blocks of your preparation. In addition, this first-year coaching and regular class tests will help you prepare for a range of competitive exams.
  • The second year of the programme is dedicated to intense preparation for the Civil Service Exam. The lectures will cover all aspects of the General Studies subjects with respect to the rigorous UPSC CSE Prelim Test and Main Exam.


Establishing a right balance between regular academic study and UPSC CSE preparation


  • To provide students with flexibility, the Programme offers two modes: Classroom and LIVE-Online (which streams classes live from the classroom). 
  • Furthermore, to accommodate your schedules and regular college classes, the batch timings are between 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM.



Laying a strong foundation, allowing progress to be made at a more manageable pace, and gradually building all the necessary knowledge and skills


  • First Year:
    • 140 General Studies class lectures and 40 Current Affairs online lectures.
    • Printed study materials that explain concepts from the basic to the advanced levels in simple language.


  • Second Year:
    • 280 General Studies class lectures and 120 Current Affairs online lectures.
    • 18 Printed Study Material Books (referred to as Yellow Books) to particularly address the requirements of the Civil Service Exam (Prelims & Mains Exams).


  • First & Second Year:
    • Very meticulously developed notes and handouts for the lectures.
    • Online access to revision classes throughout the course of the Programme.
    • Access to The Recitals (Monthly Current Affairs Magazine) and Vajiram and Ravi's student portal - vajiramias.com



Enhancing understanding of UPSC trends and patterns in order to keep you  motivated and aware of all the necessary progress


  • First Year:
    • Regular MCQs and Mains Answer Writing Practice with feedback and model answers.
    • Multiple sessions for  motivation and guidance.


  • Second Year:
    • 30 Prelims Tests of General studies and Current Affairs, with explanations.
    • 12 Main Exam Tests (8 sectional & 4 full-length) of General studies, with feedback, model answer & explanatory classes.
    • Mains Answer Writing Programme to help you to develop the “Art of Answer Writing”.


Building self-confidence in your preparation


  • Access to mentoring sessions to address your doubts and receive preparation advice.
  • Additional Mains Support Programme (MSP) after classes have concluded which comprises online current affairs classes and content support, monthly current affairs MCQ Tests, student portal access, and Mains Test Series.


Therefore, by addressing the challenges of aspirants who have decided to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam over a two-year period, the V&R 2 Years Prelims cum Mains General Studies Fledgling Comprehensive Programme will assist students to learn to fledge within the classroom before taking the actual flight for the service of our nation!