Preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination: A Comprehensive Roadmap


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Preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination: A Comprehensive Roadmap Blog Image

The decision of stepping into UPSC preparation by default lands one into myriad preconceived notions, like the following doubts for example:

  1. The syllabus for UPSC CSE exam is so vast and vague. You will never be able to cover it.
  2. UPSC General Studies foundation courses are very time consuming. You will not be able to cope up even if you miss one single class.
  3. Aspirants need to read as many books as possible for each subject and simultaneously make notes about every single topic everyday.
  4. Learning the syllabus is sufficient to perform in the exam, even if you have not practiced mock tests consistently.
  5. Prelims and Mains are two completely different types of exams. You need separate preparations for both the exams. 

If you are someone who has heard any of the myths above, then welcome to the club my friend! We have all been through this phase and through the same doubts.

“Will I be able to crack UPSC CSE? How will I do it? Will I be able to cover the whole syllabus on time? Will I be able to cover current affairs from the right sources?”

Maybe coaching is not necessary, but with the right guidance available, it definitely gives you the edge of performing better in the exam. In order to help aspirants like us who are living in distress even before beginning, Vajiram & Ravi has developed its 10-Month Pre-Cum-Mains (PCM) General Studies Comprehensive Programme. 

The primary goal of the Programme has been to provide a reliable structure of comprehensive knowledge to aspirants and its application for all the stages of the Civil Service Examination - Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Vajiram & Ravi believe in treating our goals just like its own, that is - TO QUALIFY THE UPSC CIVIL SERVICES EXAM!

Here are the following ways how the 10-Month PCM Comprehensive Programme is going to ensure your success in the UPSC CSE:


  1. By Ensuring A Flexible Approach

When it comes to attending classes for your UPSC Civil Services Examination preparation, investing your time consistently everyday, sometimes becomes a hurdle for many aspirants:

  • To ensure flexibility for students to prepare comfortably, the Programme provides the option between two modes - Classroom and LIVE-Online which streams classes live from the classroom to your laptop/mobile device
  • Also, classes are held everyday, throughout the week so as to keep you motivated during the entire duration of the course


  1. By Helping You Understand And Cover The Vast General Studies Syllabus

General Studies covers more than 75% of your syllabus and for that the programme provides you with the following:

  • 1000+ hours of teaching delivered by experienced subject specialists
    • 280 General Studies Lectures and 120 Online Current Affairs Lectures to help you cover the syllabus thoroughly
  • Online Revision Classes so that you could always go back to your lectures and cover your weak spots


  1. By Helping You Lay A Strong Foundation With Focused Study Material

The UPSC CSE syllabus is vast and covers multiple subjects. Having focused study material allows you to streamline your preparation and helps you save time by avoiding irrelevant or extraneous information.

  • Set of 18 Study Material Books (also known as Yellow Books), curated specifically to address the requirements of the syllabus for the exam for both Prelims as well as the Mains Exam 
  • Monthly Current Affairs Magazine - The Recitals, that covers your current affairs from Newspapers, Yojana magazine, PIB government website, etc.


  1. By Conducting Regular Tests That Will Help You Fill The Gaps In Your Preparation

By simulating the exam experience and regularly assessing your performance, you become more comfortable and familiar with the UPSC CSE exam pattern.

  • 30 Prelims Tests of General Studies and Current Affairs, with detailed explanations
  • Daily Mains Answer Writing Programme to help you to develop the “Art of Answer Writing”
  • Additionally, students who qualify the UPSC Prelim Test would be provided with 4 Full-Length Main Exam Tests with Mentorship Support
    • Students who qualify the Main Exam would be provided interview guidance under the Interview Guidance Programme


  1. By Eliminating Your Fear Of Under-Performing

The UPSC CSE preparation can be mentally and emotionally challenging.A mentor can assess your progress by reviewing your study materials, practice tests, and mock interviews.

  • Access to Mentoring Sessions that address your doubts and also provide you with important preparation advice
  • Access to Mains Test Series Programme for 6 months which consists of 25 Sectional Tests and 4 Full-Length Tests with feedback, model answers and explanatory classes 
  • Additional Mains Support Programme (MSP) for 10 Months after classes have concluded which comprises online current affairs classes and content support, monthly current affairs MCQ Tests, Student Portal access, and Mains Test Series
    • MSP Test Series includes:
      • 25 Sectional Tests
      • 4 Full Length Tests
      • Evaluation & Feedback
      • Model Answers
      • Explanation Videos of Sectional Tests
      • Mentor Support


UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) is not just for the ones who have always excelled academically. It is also for those who are willing to learn and who can keep their eyes and ears open throughout the year. But always remember, there is no alternative to hard work, discipline and dedication.

We hope that by now, the doubts revolving around the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) have been clarified. And when you join us in our 10-Month PCM Comprehensive Programme, remember that you have to adopt a multi-dimensional approach, integrate current affairs with static knowledge, and practice MCQs and answer writing regularly. Also, stay consistent, focused, and be adaptive in your entire preparation. Wishing you good luck with your UPSC journey!