V&R Prelims CAMP 2024

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement
October 2023
Classroom & Online

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About V&R Prelims CAMP

Vajiram & Ravi has been a pioneer in the field of providing quality education for the UPSC Civil Service Exam (UPSC CSE) preparation.

Over the years, we have helped several students achieve their dreams of the Civil Services by helping them in all three stages of the examination- Prelims, Mains and Interview.

The Prelims Test is the first stage of preparation which has become challenging over the years. Every year, over five lakh students appear for the Prelim Test, whereas the number of students actually clearing the Prelims dwindles down to nearly twelve thousand only.

Some of the challenges faced by the students in effectively preparing for the Prelim test include Lack of discipline, Missing in-depth conceptual clarity, Absence of proper assessment and guidance, Incomplete knowledge of the important topics of the UPSC syllabus, and Undue breaks during the process of revision.

V&R Prelims CAMP - Continuous Assessment and Monitoring Programme - intends to aid students in overcoming these challenges and make them “Prelims Ready”. As the name suggests, the primary goal of the Programme would be to provide a rigorous, regular, reliable and disciplined test programme to upskill students appearing for the Prelim Test 2023.

The Prelims CAMP is a tailor-made Test and Teach programme. With a schedule of regular tests and performance analysis, the programme builds confidence while attempting the Objective Tests by habituating students with regular and rigorous preparation for the UPSC Prelim syllabus in a granular fashion.

Why choose V&R Prelims CAMP?


Many aspirants dream of becoming Civil Servants. Prelims CAMP aims to eliminate this obstacle from their journey of becoming Civil Servants.

The Objective Tests designed in the Prelims CAMP, aim to cover the Prelims syllabus, followed by detailed test discussions in the classes themselves to aid students to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. The Programme provides instant ranking among classmates to infuse a sense of competition. The explanation sessions are curated to aid the students to develop expertise in the art of question solving.

A student appearing for the Prelim Test 2023 should join this programme as it will:

  • Instilling Discipline: This programme aims to introduce students to a systematic way of comprehensively preparing for the Prelim Test 2023. By conducting Objective Type Tests every day, during a set time of the day, we aim to develop diligence and respect for the exam in a student’s mind.

  • Continuous Assessment and Guidance: By conducting these tests and by holding subsequent discussion classes regularly, we intend to make students ready for the process of continuous assessments and feedback.

  • Scheduled Tests to Track progress: Students usually fail to keep track of their progress when they prepare on their own. This Prelims Programme will help them to keep a check, as to how they are preparation and revision process is faring.

  • Competitive Spirit: The Prelim CAMP will analyse the performance of students and assign them ranks, based on marks secured after each test, thus infusing competitive spirit among the classmates.

  • Conceptual Depth: The subject wise micro-sectional division of the tests will attend to all the important areas of the Prelim Test syllabus. By attempting Objective Questions, students will be able to cover the entire syllabus systematically.

  • Rigorous revision plan: The test schedule of the Prelim CAMP has been designed in a way that will keep the students on their toes. The subject-wise micro-sectional daily tests will develop a serious attitude in students towards the Prelim Test 2023.

  • Covering the blindspots: By micro-listing test topics, the Prelim CAMP will cover all the blindspots of the syllabus which are usually left behind as unimportant areas by the students but UPSC might consider framing surprise questions from those topics.

Who can join V&R Prelims CAMP?


The V&R Prelims CAMP will be useful for:

  • Aspirants who are appearing for Prelim Test 2023.
  • Aspirants looking to obtain an advantage over the competition
  • Aspirants who have been self-preparing for the exam.
  • Aspirants who appeared for the Prelim Test but could not clear the exam previously
  • Aspirants who are unable to recognise the deficiencies in their preparation strateg
  • Aspirants who want a disciplined and systematic revision programme the Prelim Test 2023

To increase the chances of clearing the Prelim Test 2023, aspirants can boost their preparation and instil the necessary set of abilities with the help of the Prelims CAMP.

Features of V&R Prelims CAMP


V&R Prelims CAMP caters exclusively to the preparation needs of the Prelim Test 2023. This programme is best for UPSC aspirants who look forward to comprehensively cover and at the same time revising the entire Prelim Test syllabus in a disciplined manner. The special characteristics of this programme which will assist students in this process are mentioned below:

  • A series of 60 Tests each, and of curated in a disciplined manner will be scheduled for the students enrolling in the programme.

    • 46 General Studies sectional Tests

    • 8 CSAT sectional tests

    • 4 Full-length General Studies Tests

    • 2 CSAT Full-Length Tests

  • Daily test solving alongside the teachers will let students learn important tricks to enhance question-solving skillset for the Prelim Test.

  • Each sectional test of General Studies will have 50 questions each, including Previous year questions and allied exam questions.

  • Strategic in-depth preparation for the Prelim Test by minutely covering the crucial areas of every micro-topic in each subject.

  • The tests will cover all crucial areas and also cover the unexplored areas by UPSC in any of the topics.

  • The tests will also cover important UPSC questions from previous years (UPSC CSE, CAPF, CDS, NDA) along with Current Affairs pertaining to a particular micro-block of the syllabus.

  • Additionally, there will be a thorough coverage of Current Affairs from January 2022 to March 2023.

  • The test schedule will be rigorous and relentless. One objective test will be conducted in a regular fashion as per a targeted plan provided. The duration of each test will be one hour.

  • Test will be followed by intensive discussions and analysis sessions, conducted by Subject Matter Experts.

  • Comprehensive solutions to the tests will be provided to all the enrolled students.

  • To provide the experience of the actual Prelim Test, instant ranks will be assigned to students after every test to initiate healthy competition.

  • Prelim-specific personalised mentoring will be provided to students for much-needed support and guidance.

  • Mentors will make sure that students do not lose their focus and maintain their motivation throughout the period of preparation.

  • The tests will over time alleviate any exam-oriented stress, thus teaching students to handle the stress of attempting the actual Prelim Test.

  • The Offline Tests will be held at the Delhi centre, from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

  • The discussion videos will be accessible until the UPSC CSE Prelim Test 2023.

  • Students can take the Prelims Camp Tests in the online mode at their convenience. A more structured schedule will be followed for the offline mode.

  • The ranking, together with a detailed explanation and analysis will be provided following the discussion.


How will V&R Prelims CAMP help you?


Prelims CAMP builds a solid foundation, offers direction, and helps students get ready to put their best foot forward in the Prelim Test 2023.

Due to the multiple difficulties that the exam poses, students want to understand all the requisites to be able to make it through the Prelim Test. A series of 60 tests develops the required mindset, arms students with knowledge and instils in them much-needed discipline and confidence to clear the Prelim Test.

V&R Prelims CAMP Benefits:

The Prelims CAMP will support aspirants appearing for the Prelim Test 2023 by building the following six pillars:

The Six Pillars Of V&R Prelim CAMP:

  1. In-depth Syllabus Completion:

    • Strategic completion of Prelim Test syllabus via systematic daily test series. The test regime of the Prelim CAMP will help organise the topic-wise revision well within time also helping in an in-depth completion of the syllabus.

  2. Progress Tracking:

    • Through a regular assessment system with a schedule of 60 tests, Prelim CAMP will keep regular tabs on a student’s progress report, analysing his/her strong and weak areas and thereafter guiding him/her accordingly.

  3. Disciplined Assessments:

    • The schema of daily tests, at a fixed time, will make students disciplined over time. At Vajiram & Ravi, instilling discipline is one of the core objectives as it develops a sense of accountability.

  4. Developing a Competitive Attitude:

    • The assigning of ranks and intensive discussions at the end of every test, will inculcate a competitive attitude in students and they will strive harder to prepare well with the intention of scoring a higher rank in each subsequent test.

  5. Rigorous Revision Schedule:

    • The rigorous system of the test schedule under Prelim CAMP will allow students no time to lose motivation in the middle of their preparation.

  6. Stress Testing:

    • Experiencing stress when appearing for the Prelim Test is a very common phenomenon among students. With a daily test regime and Prelim-oriented mentorship, aspirants will be able to better cope with stress before they appear for the actual Prelim Test 2023.


  • Offline (only at the Delhi centre)

  • Online


70 Days

Commencement Date

16th February 2023


Rs 4500/- Including GST

Modes of Payment

  • Net Banking (Preferred)

  • Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • UPI

  • Demand Draft

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