V&R Step Up 3.0 Mentorship Programme

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement
16th February 2023
Classroom & Online
8 Months
Rs. 30,000 (Incl. GST)

About Vajiram & Ravi’s Step Up 3.0 Mentorship Programme 2023

Civil Services Exam preparation is more about “don’ts” than “dos”. A serious aspirant may understand this in course of preparation with either trial and error method or by interacting with someone who has witnessed the civil services preparation keenly and closely. Thus, to click the final list not only resources, conceptual clarity, and hard work are required, but also a plan, strategy, handholding, and most importantly timely & rational assessments are required.


With five decades of teaching experience, we, at Vajiram & Ravi very well understand the specific needs of aspirants who intend to qualify the prestigious Civil Service Exam and contribute to the growth of the nation.


Qualifying the Civil Services Exam requires many things, including:


  • Knowledge and proper guidance

  • Well-structured study plan

  • Technique of rightly approaching a topic

  • Note-making skills

  • Forming strategy on basis of performance in tests

  • Intact motivational levels


V&R Step Up 3.0 Mentorship Programme, intends to meet the multifarious demands of aspirants. The primary goal of the Programme is to provide a reliable structure of comprehensive guidance and mentorship for the Civil Services Exam 2023, including both Prelims and Mains. It will cater to the preparation for the Prelims 2023 along with the General Studies paper I, II, III, IV and the Essay paper.


V&R Step Up 3.0 Mentorship Programme is the most tailor-made individualised guidance program to provide aspirants with requisite handholding along with continuous In-person Mentor support for the upcoming 8 months to help them excel in the exam.


Why choose Vajiram & Ravi’s Step UP 3.0 Mentorship Programme 2023?


Step UP 3.0 is a Mentorship Programme with able Mentors being there for the students as their friends, philosophers and guides. The Mentors will play multiple key roles in this process for the aspirant. The programme is a one-stop solution in the following aspects:


  • Strategise your preparation: Mentors will individually assist aspirants in creating a strategic plan to analyse, track and master the curriculum. A Mentor supports their mentee in developing accountability for their targets. The Mentor keeps the mentee motivated and on track to fulfil the set targets by tracking their progress.


  • Expert guidance from Mentor: Through their expert guidance the mentors will help students at various stages of the preparation via test analysis, one-to-one questioning, etc., and help them keep their preparation on the right track.



  • Target-based exam preparation: The experienced Mentors will help students to set daily, weekly and monthly targets to help them complete studying and revising the subjects that too within a fixed time limit.


  • SWOT analysis: For Prelims, after analysing their performance in daily tests under Prelims CAMP, mentors will identify and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their mentees. Similarly for Mains, the performance in Vajiram Test Series (VTS) will be taken into account for developing ideal study strategies.

  • Essay Preparation: The mentorship programme will also help the students appearing for the Main exam in preparation for the Essay paper. They will be provided with both classes and tests for thorough preparation.


Who can join Vajiram & Ravi’s Step Up 3.0

Mentorship Programme 2023?


Anyone who believes they merely need a push to pass the exam, regardless of where they are in their preparation, is ready to enrol in the Programme. Here is a checklist you can refer to-


    • aspirants who have just commenced the UPSC preparation cycle

    • aspirants looking to obtain an advantage over their competition

    • aspirants who are enrolled in the V&R PCM General Studies Comprehensive Programme.

    • aspirants who are self-preparing for the exam

    • aspirants who cleared the Prelim Test but could not clear the Main Exam previously

    • aspirants who took the Main Exam but were unable to succeed previously

    • aspirants who are unable to recognise the deficiencies in their learning process

    • aspirants looking for a disciplined way to prepare for Civil Services exam


To boost their chances of clearing the UPSC Civil Services Exam exam, aspirants can step up their preparation and solidify a necessary set of abilities with the help of this Mentorship Programme.


Features of Vajiram & Ravi’s Step Up 3.0 mentorship Programme 2023


  • 8 Months Programme to cater to the individual needs of aspirants with Mentor Support

  • Separate mentoring sessions for Prelim Test and Main Exam through Test Series.

  • Regular in-person Mentorship Sessions which also include email, telephonic and web conferences.

  • Daily micro-topics-based test under Prelims CAMP for meticulous Prelim test preparation.

  • Essay Module with regular Tests based on UPSC CSE pattern.

  • Prelims CAMP test discussion, analysing and ranking sessions.

  • Regular tests under VTS Focussed for Mains preparation after Prelim Test.

  • Value Addition-cum-detailed discussion classes for Essay and Mains Test Answer discussion sessions.

  • Access to Recital and Student Portal.

How will Vajiram & Ravi’s Step Up 3.0 mentorship Programme 2023 help you?


Step Up Mentorship builds a solid foundation, offers direction, and helps aspirants get ready to put forth their best foot forward in the exams. To help aspirants with their preparation strategies, Mentors aim to address their questions. Due to the multiple difficulties the exam poses, aspirants want to understand the requirements. Mentoring offers advice and helps aspirants find the optimal, unique path that will satisfy all of their preparation needs and get them ready for the UPSC Civil Services Exam.


Step Up Mentorship Programme Benefits:

The Step Up Mentorship Programme will support aspirants with the following four pillars:

  1. Syllabus Completion

  • Given the vastness of the UPSC Civil Services Exam syllabus, the Mentorship Programme will help you to complete it all on schedule, effectively, and efficiently without being under strain or stress.

  1. Individual Mentorship

  • Curate your concerns, boost confidence in moments of self-doubt, a network of strategies by sharing a plethora of tactics that have been gathered, and offer guidance from multiple angles to help you develop plans that suit your preparation

  1. Regular Assessments

  • Will help in gathering information to identify the learning of your strengths and shortcomings (what was learned, how well it was retained, and areas where you struggled)


  1. Value Addition Lectures

  • Effectively deliver the necessary fundamental knowledge, help you distinguish between what is vital and what is not (Prelims CAMP, Essay Programme, Mains Answers Discussion)


Focus of Vajiram & Ravi’s Step Up 3.0 mentorship Programme 2023


Phase 01- 16th February 2023 to May 2023, where the focus of the program is exclusively Prelim Test 2023.

  • It will begin a series of daily tests arranged in a disciplined manner for the students enrolling in the programme.

  • A series of 60 Tests each, and of curated in a disciplined manner will be scheduled for the students enrolling in the programme.

    • 46 General Studies sectional Tests

    • 8 CSAT sectional tests

    • 4 Full-length General Studies Tests

    • 2 CSAT Full-Length Tests

  • Daily test solving alongside the teachers to teach students important tricks for the Prelim Test.

  • Strategic in-depth preparation for the Prelim Test by minutely covering the crucial areas of every micro-topic in each subject.

  • The tests will also cover important UPSC questions from previous years (UPSC CSE, CAPF, CDS, NDA) along with Current Affairs pertaining to a particular micro-block of the syllabus.

  • Additionally, there will be a thorough coverage of general Current Affairs from January 2022 to March 2023.

  • The test schedule will be rigorous and relentless. One objective test will be conducted for one hour based on a pre-planned schedule.

  • Prelim-specific personalised mentoring will be provided to students for much-needed support and guidance.

  • Mentors will make sure that students do not lose their focus and maintain their motivation at the highest levels throughout the period of preparation.


Phase 02- June 2023 to September 2023, where the focus of the program is exclusively the Main Exam 2023

General Studies Main Exam:

  • Post Prelim Test, the entire focus of the program will be on the Main Exam 2023, where regular answer writing and test series are the central ideas.

  • The study plan would include coverage of the entire syllabus of the Main Exam. PYQs intertwined with the current trend of UPSC are the backbone of the period.

  • 8 Sectional and 4 Full-length tests (consisting of 20 questions each) will be provided, followed by detailed feedback on answer scripts.

  • Detailed discussion of the sectional tests will be provided after each test.

  • Mentor support will be provided to track the improvement along with course correction which is the essence of the program.

Essay Module:

  • 12 Content lectures on various essay themes such as Reflective essays, Gender-related issues, Contemporary International Relations, Improving Writing ability etc.

  • Mini assignments during the class, to reinforce the concepts.

  • Detailed handouts with every class, which contain exhaustive content (theory, data, examples, quotations etc.) to serve as a repository of information.

  • 4 Model tests, followed by discussions, on the pattern of the UPSC Mains Essay Paper.

  • Detailed evaluation of answer scripts, based on standardized criteria, to accurately identify areas for improvement.

Access to resources

  • The Recital – monthly current affair magazine (softcopy), will be provided to aspirants every month. Physical copies of the Magazine can be collected from the office.

  • Access to the student portal will also be provided for the news update, editorial analysis and Article summary.

  • Detailed Model answers for the Main Exam 2023– both weekly and Full length and answer keys and explanations for the Objective tests will be provided.

  • Handouts and content on Essay classes will be provided for 360-degree understating of the topics in the class.

  • Main Probable booklet will be provided post-Prelim Test 2023 exam, catering to the important areas/ development of the Main exam.




In Phase-1: Starting 16th February 2023 and continuing till 28th May 2023, the focus will be exclusively on the Prelim Test. The Mentors will help fine-tune your Prelim Test Strategy and the assessment will be completely based on objective questions. This phase will be aided by Vajiram & Ravi’s Prelim CAMP which will help in timely preparation and revision via daily micro-sectional tests of 50 questions each. The Prelims CAMP will also have CSAT and full-length tests as well.


Phase -2: Beginning just after the Prelim Test and continuing till Main Exam 2023, will be exclusively focussed on Main Exam 2023. In this phase, the emphasis will be on all General Studies papers through the Main Exam test series (VTS Focussed) and Essay Paper with continuous Mentoring for improvement.

Study Material support in the form of The Recitals, Student portal access, and well-curated model answers for subjective tests and detailed explanations will add to the arsenal of value-added content of serious aspirants.



Regular face-to-face Mentoring sessions will be conducted at the Delhi branch and Mentoring sessions are also available via email, phone, and web conferencing.


8 Months

Commencement Date

16th February 2023


Rs 30,000 /- (Including GST)

Modes of Payment

  • Net Banking (Preferred)

  • Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • UPI

  • Demand Draft


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