GS Mains Probable for UPSC CSE

by Vajiram & Ravi

It gives us immense pleasure to acknowledge the appreciation showered upon the VAJIRAM AND RAVI’S GS Mains Probable by most of the top rank holders, including AIR 1. We are thankful to the readers who have shown faith in the wisdom and instinct of our dedicated, experienced, and expert team that went on to design concise, comprehensive, and quality content relevant for Main Exam.   

GS Mains Probable is a concise booklet dedicated for GS Mains Preparation, and contains analysis on smartly selected current topics which have good probability of being asked in Main Exam.  The booklet is specifically designed on the lines of UPSC previous year Mains paper. It contains details of relevant news, analysis of important issues, articles, editorials, the gist of popular Sansad TV debates, PIB coverage, Kurukshetra, Yojana magazine, and much more.  To ease out preparation, it is arranged section-wise namely: GS 1 GS2 GS 3.

While preparing this booklet, our focus is on both comprehensive coverage as well as in-depth analysis from mains exam point of view. The best part of this booklet is that it is comprehensive yet concise. Thus, it is a very easy-to-read booklet with a sole purpose of helping aspirants brush up on their mains Knowledge in limited timeOverall, it is a one-stop solution for sure shot success!!!

Fulfilling its commitment, it stood the test of UPSC as many questions were asked from among the topics dealt in GS Mains Probable, helping aspirants in their endeavour to achieve the remarkable feat. Encouraged by its success, we have planned to bring two volumes of GS Mains Probable for Main Exam 2022 --

  1. Volume 1: This will cover few of the static topics (as mentioned in UPSC syllabus) plus those topics from previous year edition which are still relevant for exam and has high chance of being asked in exam. This will be released on 20th July 2022.

  2. Volume 2: This will exclusively focus on issues that have been in news in the year ‘2022’. This will be released on 20th August 2022.

With more enrichment being added to Mains Probable this year, we hope that it will certainly be even more helpful in giving a flight to your preparation and thrust to your ranks.

Thank You!!!!