Medical Science Crash Course for UPSC CSE 2023

by Vajiram & Ravi

Medical Science Optional Crash Course- 2022

Starts on: 9th October
Duration: 6 months

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  • Total 40 sessions (3 hours each), classes will be held twice a week
  • Covers most of the important and upgraded topics.
  • Value addition class notes.
  • Upgrade with recent advances.
  • Practice sessions of flowcharts, case studies, answer writing
  • Step-by-step Guidance



  • Important topics mentioned in the syllabus and extra analytical topics based on UPSC format- Anatomy,
    Physiology, Biochemistry, General Pathology and Microbiology will be covered.
  • Class Notes, diagram practice for important topics along with flowcharts for pathogenesis.
  • Pharmacology: Discussion on important drug interactions, mechanism of actions.
  • Forensic Medicine: Important concepts of Injuries and Toxicology via tests, answer writing practice.
  • Recent techniques and their applications.


  • Comprehensive coverage of important topics- Medicine including skin and psychiatry, Surgery,
    Pediatrics, Gynecology, Community Medicine, via class notes, handouts, discussion sessions.
  • The topics that are common to both Paper-I and Paper-II will be covered together. This helps students in
    correlating various aspects of disease and will be benefit in case studies for both the papers.
    Case Studies
  • Case studies for all the topics will be discussed in the class.
  • Practice session and home assignments for flowcharts and approach to case studies.

Class Tests: Sectional tests for both Paper-I and Paper-II will be held periodically.

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