Quick Revision Notes for UPSC Mains - One Pagers


08:09 AM

As the UPSC CSE Mains Exam is round the corner, with immense hope and happiness, we at Vajiram and Ravi present you with this handy material to help you and every other aspirant appearing for the Mains Examinations.

This document contains a list of topics selected from the themes often repeated by the UPSC in the Mains Exam. The idea behind the material is to help the aspirants appearing for UPSC Mains, to generate themes, add value to their answers by citing suitable data and examples etc. The structuring of the points and the dimensions have been done in an orderly manner to make answer writing easy.

The UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination is not just a test of your intellect; it is an evaluation of your ability to articulate your ideas coherently and substantiate them with relevant examples. This study material acknowledges this fact and is tailored to equip you with the tools to meet this demand precisely.

Key Features of UPSC Mains Notes - One Pagers

  • Concise Precision: We understand the value of your time and the need for targeted information. Each section distills the subject matter into concise points, ensuring that you grasp the core points without unnecessary elaboration.
  • Strategic Examples: Examples breathe life into your answers. Our material provides you with strategically chosen examples that can be effectively incorporated into a wide array of questions, enhancing the depth and authenticity of your responses.
  • Answer-Oriented Approach: The material is structured with a focus on providing you with insights that are directly applicable to answer writing. It’s not just about knowing the content; it’s about presenting it effectively.
  • Quick Revision: As you approach the examination, quick revision becomes invaluable. This material is designed to facilitate swift recollection, helping you to reinforce your learning efficiently.
  • PYQ Coverage: While we maintain a to-the-point approach, we have taken care to ensure that the topics asked by UPSC time and again are covered comprehensively. This would enable you to address a wide spectrum of questions with confidence.
  • Last-minute Assistance: In those crucial moments before the examination, a reliable resource can make all the difference. This material stands as your companion, ready to offer that last-minute clarification or example you might need.