Sociology Optional Test Series

by Vajiram & Ravi

Details :

To aid the upcoming Main Exam preparation, VAJIRAM & RAVI is coming up with Sociology Optional Test Series Programme to help you excel in the CSE Main exam 2022.

Salient features of the Integrated Test Series

  • Offline/Online mode of the Test Series comes to aid preparation 
  • UPSC quality question papers with the help of a highly experienced team
  • Focus on the sustainable and holistic enhancement of answer writing skill of the candidate. 
  • Digital Onscreen Evaluation –Aspirants will be provided with their evaluated answer sheets.

Enrolment :

Test Series Details:

Mains Test Series, 2022 (After Prelims)


4 Sectional Tests +  2 Full length Tests

Date of commencement

18th June 2022 

Mode of Test Series 

Online as well as Offline (depending on the evolving pandemic situation and Government’s instruction, Also students have to inform the institute well in advance for writing test at the center and accordingly facilities will be managed)

Fee Structure    (Inclusive of GST)

Rs.10,000/-Inclusive GST 

Test Discussion 

Detailed Discussion class by the optional faculty. (Online Only)

Test Schedule

Test Number

Date of Test

Discussion Date




18th June.2022

26th June.2022

  • Fundamental of Sociology
  • Sociology as a science
  • Research Method and Analysis
  • Sociological Thinkers
  • Stratification and Mobility



25th June.2022

03rd July.2022

  • Works and Economic Life
  • Politics and society
  • Religion and society
  • Systems of Kinship
  • Social change in Modern Society



02nd July.2022

10th July.2022

  • Perspective on the study of Indian society,
  • Impact of colonial rule on Indian society
  • Rural and agrarian social structure
  • Caste system
  • Tribal communities in India



09th July.2022

17th July.2022

  • Social classes in India
  • System Of kinship in India
  • Family and marriage in India
  • Religion and society
  • Vision of social change in India
  • Rural and agrarian transformation in India
  • Industralisation and Urbanization in India 
  • Politics and society 
  • Social Movements in India
  • Population Dynamics
  • Challenges of Social Transformation



25th July.2022

31st July.2022

 Full Length



06th Aug.2022

14th Aug.2022

 Full Length