Step Up 2.0 Mentorship Support Program

by Vajiram & Ravi

StepUp 2.0 – Mentorship Support Program


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Civil services preparation is more about “don’ts” than “dos”. A serious aspirant may understand this in course of preparation with either trial and error method or by interacting with someone who has witnessed the civil services preparation from close quarters. Thus, in order to click the final list not only resources, conceptual clarity, and hard-work is required, but also a plan, strategy, handholding and most importantly timely & rational assessments are required.

Vajiram and Ravi brings to you the most tailor-made individual guidance program to provide you with requisite handholding along with continuous Mentor support for a period of 9 months to help you excel in the exam. The program is curated in a manner that it caters to each phase of the exam in a timely manner.

In Phase-1 Starting 4th November 2022 till February 2023 the focus would be to make a resolute conceptually clear foundation with emphasis on the Prelims and Main Exam syllabi. This phase will be supported by intensive notes making exercises with micro syllabus mapping, current affairs updation and weekly assessment loaded with both subjective and objective tests. This phase will conclude with 4 papers of the general studies of the Main Exam Test Series (VTS Upgrade) for holistic coverage of syllabus and real time exam experience.

In Phase-2 Starting mid-February 2023 till May 2023, the focus will be exclusively on the Prelims examination. The Mentors will help fine-tune your Prelims Strategy and the assessment will be completely based on objective questions. This phase will be aided by the Vajiram and Ravi PowerUp Prelims Test Series.

Phase -3 starting just after the Prelims exam and continuing till Mains exam 2023, will be exclusively focussed on Main Exam 2023. In this phase, the emphasis will be on all General Studies papers through the Main Exam test series (VTS Focussed) and continuous mentoring for improvement.

Study Material support in the form of The Recitals, Student portal access, and well-curated model answers for subjective tests and detailed explanations will add to the arsenal of value-added content of serious aspirants.


  1. 9 Months Programme to cater to Individual needs of aspirants with Mentor Support

  2. Weekly Assignments – ideal Mix of Writing and Objective Tests

  3. Regular in-person Mentorship Sessions which also include email, telephonic and web conferences.

  4. Target Plan with special emphasis on Notes Making based on micro-syllabus

  5. Value Addition-cum-detailed discussion Classes

  6. Essay Module with monthly Tests on UPSC pattern

  7. 4 Full-length of VTS Upgrade Test, along with complete 12 Tests of VTS Focussed post Prelims

  8. Free access to 25 PowerUP Prelims Test Series

  9. Access to Recital and Student Portal

Program Details:

Time period & Focus of Program:

Phase 01- 4th November 2022 to February 2023, where the focus of the program is integrated Pre-cum-Main Preparation.

  • It will start with a subject-based plan for the student after due consultation with the Designated Mentor.

  • The Mentor will help in making a Target plan and will initiate the Assessment and Notes making Process.

  • For timely & rationalized assessment, every Sunday aspirants will be provided with 10 Subjective Mains Questions (including PYQs) and 50 MCQs on the designated part of the subject that is in the course of study.

  • Detailed video discussions of the Mains questions and keys & explanation for the MCQs part will be provided.

  • The Mentors will evaluate the answer scripts and meet the aspirants either in person at the institute or through online mode.

  • Essay Module would also be provided which includes pre-recorded content lectures on a variety of essay themes.

  • There will also be 3 model tests on the UPSC Mains Essay Paper format, followed by discussions.

Phase 02- February 2023 to May end 2023, where the focus of the program is exclusively Prelims examination.

  • It will start with a Coverage-cum-Revision plan for prelims-based subjects after due consultation with the Designated Mentor.

  • The study plan would have regular assessments in the nature of MCQs tests, which will be based on comfortability and speed of coverage of the student.

  • Entire Power UP Prelims Test series will be covered in due course of time for the students.

  • Detailed explanation of the sectional tests of tests will also be provided along with Answer keys and explanation document.

  • The full-length tests will be completely on UPSC pattern, where answer keys and explanation document will be provided.

Phase 03- June 2023 to September 2023, where the focus of the program is exclusively Main examination.

  • Post prelims, the entire focus of the program will be on the Main Exam, where regular answer writing and test series are the central ideas.

  • The study plan would include coverage of the entire syllabus of the Main Examination. PYQs intertwined with the current trend of UPSC is the backbone of the period.

  • 8 Sectional and 4 Full-length tests will be provided, followed by detailed feedback on answer scripts.

  • Detailed discussion of the sectional tests will be provided after each test.

  • Mentor support will be provided to track the improvement along with course correction which is the essence of the program.

Mentorship Support

  • Aspirants will be provided with individual mentors after enrolment. The mentors will remain as friends, philosopher and guide for the entire journey sharing experience, counselling and helping in the realization of the target plan for aspirants.

  • Each of the subjective tests will be evaluated by the Mentor, post which a mentoring session either in person or through online mode will be scheduled with the aspirant for individual feedback and improvement.

  • Every 15 days, a group session will be organized for infusing the spirit of competition amongst aspirants and to facilitate the exchange of views on the study plan and other related queries.

  • Aspirants will also be provided with subject expert mentor on a need basis to help them understand the subject with an expert’s assistance.

Notes Making

  • The central idea is to induce the habit of notes making as it is the best source of revision and of critical importance during the exam.

  • For Notes making, the mentor will provide a micro-syllabus-based Map for the subject. The exercise will start from basic definitions to critical debates on the subject.

  • Micro Syllabus Mapping would include basic understanding of important concepts, important debates on topics- contemporary and traditional, and idea of contextual representation in form of flowcharts, diagrams etc.

  • Special emphasis will be on notes for GS Paper 4 – Ethics, Integrity and Attitude as per PYQs and important areas that are critical from exam point of view.

Access to resources

  • The Recital – monthly current affair magazine (softcopy), will be provided to aspirants every month. Physical copies of the Magazine can be collected from the office.

  • Access to the student portal will also be provided for the news update, editorial analysis and Article summary.

  • Detailed Model answers for the Main tests – both weekly and Full length and answer key and explanation for the Objective tests will be provided.

  • Handouts and content on Essay classes will be provided for 360-degree understating of the topics in the class.

  • Mains Probable booklet will be provided post Prelims 2023 exam, catering to the important areas/ development of the Main exam.