“PowerUp 23” Combined Test Series for Prelims 2023

by Vajiram & Ravi

Registration Date Until 10th May 2023
Starting Date 19th February 2023
Fees Rs. 5500/-
Mode Online & Offline 
Admission Link     https://vajiramias.com/test-series/power-up-23-combined-test-series-for-prelims-2023/63de6f1dc302e759e17f69fe/
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Why choose ‘PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023?

The UPSC CSE Prelim Test comprises of two subjects, General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II (CSAT Paper). The General Studies Paper I is conducted in the morning, and the General Studies Paper II is conducted in the afternoon. Aspirants occasionally burn out while taking Paper I, which sometimes even negatively impacts their performance in Paper II.


With a strong focus on current affairs, General Studies Paper I caters to the conceptual comprehension of topics. Additionally, General Studies Paper II emphasises comprehension of arithmetic, reasoning, and language.


Vajram & Ravi is introducing ‘PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023 to help students overcome the following obstacles that they may encounter when taking the upcoming CSE Prelim Test 2023:


  • Giving General Studies Paper I more priority while neglecting General Studies Paper II's significance

  • Unable to attempt the two Prelim Test papers with similar efficiency

  • Focusing on the syllabus in parts rather than holistically, which prevents them from identifying their strengths and weaknesses

About ‘PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023


The ‘PowerUp 23’ is a combined Prelims preparation Programme designed for students, who intend to clear the UPSC CSE Prelims 2023 with a comfortable margin.


The Programme is organised and designed to provide students the greatest potential advantage in the UPSC Prelim Test by preparing them to carefully and meticulously study and revise General Studies Paper I & II, and practise as much as possible in all significant and probable areas.


Features of ‘PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023

PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023 consists of total 23 Tests:


General Studies I: Full-Length Tests

  • A total of 12 Full-Length Tests that are strategically devised to provide holistic coverage of Prelim syllabus.

  • The tests are scheduled at regular intervals to ensure multiple revisions.


General Studies I: Current Affairs Tests

  • A total of 6 Current Affairs Tests covering the past 12 months of all important events.

  • Each test would cover 2 months of important news from different newspapers and magazines Like The Hindu, Indian Express, Yojana, Kurukshetra, Down to Earth, PIB, Economic Survey, Budget etc.


General Studies II: CSAT Tests

  • A total of 5 Full-Length CSAT Tests provide comprehensive coverage of the CSAT curriculum.


  • Questions based on current trends and patterns of UPSC examination.

  • A significant number of questions are introduced based on their relevance and occurrence in current events.

  • All India Ranking and AI-Based subject and topic-wise performance tracking and targeted feedback will help students track their mistakes, identify gaps in the preparation and improve their performance.


Who should join ‘PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023?

PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023 is for the aspirants who aspires to achieve the following:


  • Qualify Prelim Test 2023 with a comfortable margin

  • Conquer General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II (CSAT) with equal efficiency

  • Develop time management skills

  • Combat negative marking & improve on accuracy

  • Determine areas of strength and weakness

  • Enhance all areas of their preparation



How will ‘PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023 help you?

The ‘PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023 give students the chance to:

  • gauge their level of preparation

  • pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses

  • hone their time management skills


The ‘PowerUp 23’ Combined Prelims Test Series 2023 cover a broad range of subjects from General Studies and General Aptitude, such as Indian Polity, History, Geography, Economics, and Current Affairs, among other things. Comprehensive CSAT tests will provide conceptual clarity and regular practice will ensure that an aspirant qualifies this paper with ease.


The students can increase their chances of success by using these tests to gain a true sense of the actual UPSC Prelim Test.


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