World Governments Summit 2024

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What’s in today’s article?

  • Why in news?
  • What is World Governments Summit?
  • News Summary: World Governments Summit 2024
  • Key highlights of the speech

Why in news?

  • Prime Minister Modi participated in the World Governments Summit in Dubai as Guest of Honour.
  • He also delivered the special keynote address on the theme of the Summit - "Shaping the Future Governments”.

World Governments Summit

  • About
    • The World Government Summit is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of government worldwide.
    • It is an annual event held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    • Each year, the Summit sets the agenda for the next generation of governments with a focus on how they can harness innovation and technology to solve universal challenges facing humanity.
    • Since its inception in 2013, the Summit has championed the mission of shaping future governments and creating a better future for humanity.
  • World Governments Summit Organization
    • The World Governments Summit Organization is a global, neutral, non-profit organization dedicated to shaping the future of governments.
  • Headquarter: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 2024 Summit: Theme - 'Shaping Future Governments'

News Summary: World Governments Summit 2024

  • At the invitation of Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, Defence Minister, and the Ruler of Dubai, PM Modi participated in the World Governments Summit in Dubai as Guest of Honour.

Key highlights of the speech

  • Minimum Government, Maximum Governance
    • Prime Minister shared his thoughts on the changing nature of governance.
    • He highlighted India’s transformative reforms based on the mantra of "Minimum Government, Maximum Governance”.
  • Human- centric approach to governance
    • Sharing Indian experience on how the country had leveraged digital technology to further welfare, inclusivity and sustainability, he called for a human- centric approach to governance.
    • He also underlined India’s focus on people’s participation, last-mile-delivery and women-led development to achieve an inclusive society.
  • Need for collaboration in inter-connected nature of the world
    • PM emphasised that given the inter-connected nature of the world, governments must collaborate and learn from each other to address future challenges.
  • Model of governance
    • He highlighted that it was the need of the hour for governance to be Inclusive, Tech- smart, Clean and Transparent, and Green.
    • In this context, he further emphasised that governments must prioritise – Ease of Living, Ease of Justice, Ease of Mobility, Ease of Innovation and Ease of Doing Business in their approach to public service.
  • India’s commitment to Climate Change action
    • Elaborating on India’s steadfast commitment to Climate Change action, he called for people to join Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) to create a sustainable world.
  • Leadership role played by India
    • Prime Minister elaborated on the leadership role played by India as the chair of G-20 last year, on a wide range of issues and challenges facing the world.
    • In this context, he highlighted the efforts made by India to bring development concerns facing the Global South to the centre-stage of global discourse.
    • Calling for reform of multilateral institutions, he pushed for greater voice for the Global South in its decision making.
    • India, he stressed, will continue to contribute to global progress based on its role as a "Vishwa Bandhu”.

Q1) What is Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment)?

Mission LiFE is an India-led global mass movement to nudge individual and community action to protect and preserve the environment.

Q2) What is Ease of Living?

Ease of living (EoL) is a framework that assesses the improved well-being of citizens. 

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