P-7 Heavy Drop Parachute System

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P-7 Heavy Drop Parachute System recently received a bulk order, a move slated to enhance armed forces' paradropping capabilities.

About P-7 Heavy Drop Parachute System:

  • It is a military parachute system primarily used for the airdrop of heavy equipment, vehicles, and supplies from aircraft.
  • It was indigenously designed and developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
  • Features:
  • Weighing approximately 500 kg, the parachute guarantees the secure delivery of heavy cargo, even under challenging conditions.
  • It comprises a platform and a specialised parachute system, promising to enhance the operational capabilities of the armed forces.
  • It boasts eight main canopies, three extractor parachutes, one drogue parachute, and a suite of electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems
  • With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 8,500 kg and a permitted payload limit of 7,000 kg, the system operates at drop speeds ranging from 260 to 400 kph.
  • Landing Speed : 7 m/sec
  • Reusability : 5 times 
  • Its compact designallows seamless integration onto various aircraft, including the C-17, C-130, and other cargo aircraft of the IAF, providing versatility in deployment. 

Q1: What is the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)?

It is the R&D wing of the Ministry of Defence, Govt of India, with a vision to empower India with cutting-edge defence technologies and a mission to achieve self-reliance in critical defence technologies and systems. It is India's largest research organisation. It was formed in 1958 from the amalgamation of the then already functioning Technical Development Establishment (TDEs) of the Indian Army and the Directorate of Technical Development & Production (DTDP) with the Defence Science Organisation (DSO).  

Source: DRDO’s Heavy Drop Parachute System’ Gets Bulk Order After Successful Trials