Apache Attack Helicopter

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The Indian Army is preparing to induct six Apache attack helicopters armed with Stinger air-to-air missiles, Hellfire Longbow air-to-ground missiles, guns, and rockets.

About Apache Attack Helicopter

  • It is the world’s most advanced multi-role combat helicopter.
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Manufacturer: Boeing
  • It is also known as the Apache Guardian.
  • The AH-64E attack helicopter is the latest version of the Apache used by the US Army.
  • Other purchasers: India, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, and UK.
  • Features of AH-64E Apache: 
    • It is designed and equipped with open systems architecture to incorporate the latest communications, navigation, sensor, and weapon systems. 
    • It has greater thrust and lift, joint digital operability, improved survivability, and cognitive decision aiding.
    • The AH-64E includes a new integrated infrared laser that allows for easier target designation and enhanced infrared imagery that blends infrared and night vision capabilities.
  • Apache for Indian defence forces: The Indian Air Force has a fleet of 22 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters, and in 2020, Boeing signed an agreement with the Government of India for the acquisition of six more Apache helicopters for the Indian Army.

Q1) What is an infrared laser?

Infrared light is radiation in the non-visible spectrum, which extends from 1300 to 1700 nm. Lasers in this range emit radiation in the “eye safe” part of the electromagnetic spectrum.Different wavelengths of infrared light serve different purposes. Infrared lasers with wavelengths of 1310nm, 1550nm, and 1625nm are ideal for fiber optic communications, whereas infrared lasers of 1480nm function well as pumps for optical amplifiers. 

Source: Army set to induct 1st batch of Apache attack helicopters