About Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

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Recently, a Division Bench of the Kerala High Court ordered that the wild elephant Arikompan roaming at Santhanpara and Chinnakkanal in Idukki district be captured, radio-collared, and translocated to the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

About Parambikulam Tiger Reserve:

  • It is one of the premier Tiger Reserves of India and is endowed by nature in terms of species, habitat and ecosystem diversity.
  • It is located in the Palakkad District of Kerala and lies in between the Anamalai Hills and Nelliampathy Hills of the Southern Western Ghats.
  • Flora: It supports diverse habitat types namely; evergreen forests, moist and dry deciduous forests and grasslands.
  • Fauna: Lion-tailed macaques, Malabar giant squirrel and Flying squirrel, Tarantula (large-bodied spiders) etc.
  • There are several endemic, rare, endangered and threatened (RET) species of flora and fauna adding to the diversity of the Reserve. To name a few,
    • Coscinium fenestratum and Utleria salicifolia (the IUCN ‘red listed’ medicinal plants endemic to Anamalais)
    • Tomopterna parambikulamana (an endemic frog of Parambikulam)
    • Garra surendranathanii (an endemic sucker fish)


Q1) What is special about annamalai hills?

Anaimalai Hills, also called Elephant Mountains, mountain range in the Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu state, southern India. The Anaimalai Hills are located at a junction of the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats and have a general northwest-southeast trend. Anai Peak (8,842 feet lies at the extreme southwestern end of the range and is the highest peak in southern India.

Source: Kerala High Court orders translocation of Arikompan to Parambikulam Tiger Reserve