Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS)

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The Udupi station under the Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. (KRCL) network was recently included in the Railway Ministry’s Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS) for redevelopment.

About Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS)

  • It is an ongoing Indian Railways mission launched in February 2023 by the Ministry of Railways to redevelop 1,309 stations nationwide.
  • The scheme aims to transform railway stations into modern, well-equipped hubs with improved passenger amenities, better traffic circulation, inter-modal integration, and enhanced signage.
  • It is based on Master Planning for the long term and the implementation of the elements of the Master Plan as per the needs and patronage of the station.
  • The scheme shall cater for the introduction of new amenities as well as the upgradation and replacement of existing amenities.
  • The ultimate goal is to transform these stations into vibrant city centres over the long term.
  • Key Features:
    • Modern passenger amenities: This includes providing clean and hygienic waiting areas, restrooms, Special amenities for the disabled, and food and beverage outlets.
    • Improved traffic circulation: This includes creating separate entry and exit points for passengers and vehicles, widening roads and footpaths, and providing adequate parking facilities.
    • Inter-modal integration: This includes providing seamless connectivity between railway stations and other modes of transport, such as buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws.
    • Upgraded signage: This includes providing clear and visible signage in multiple languages to guide passengers.
    • Sustainability: This includes using energy-efficient lighting and appliances.
    • Eco-friendliness: 
    • Rainwater harvesting systems and green spaces
    • Ballastless tracks, which reduce noise and vibration
    • Roof plazas, where available, provide additional space for commercial activities and passenger amenities.

Q1) What is Rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) is a method of collecting and conserving surface runoff rainwater for storage and use or for groundwater recharge. Though simple in principle, numerous variables come into play while implementing an efficient RWH system (climate, humidity, temperature, rainfall pattern, finances etc.).

Source: Railway Ministry includes Udupi station under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme for redevelopment