What is SIMA?

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Google DeepMind revealed its latest AI gaming agent called SIMA which can follow natural language instructions to perform tasks across video game environments.

About SIMA

  • Scalable Instructable Multiworld Agent (SIMA) as an AI Agent which can process data and take action themselves.
  • It can be called a generalist AI Agent that is capable of doing different kinds of tasks.
  • Features
    • It is like a virtual buddy who can understand and follow instructions in all sorts of virtual environments – from exploring mysterious dungeons to building lavish castles.
    • It can accomplish tasks or solve challenges assigned to it.
    • It “understands” your commands as it has been trained to process human language.
    • So when you ask it to build a castle or find the treasure chest, it understands exactly what these commands mean.
    • One distinct feature of this AI Agent is that it is capable of learning and adapting.
    • SIMA does this through the interactions it has with the user. The more you interact with SIMA, the smarter it gets by learning from its experiences and improves over time. This makes it better at understanding and fulfilling user requests.
  • However, SIMA goes beyond that and can follow instructions in a variety of game settings. This could potentially introduce more helpful AI agents for other environments.
  • Google has partnered with game developers to train SIMA on a variety of video games.
  • These research marks the first time an agent has demonstrated it can understand a broad range of gaming worlds and follow natural-language instructions to carry out tasks within them, as a human might.”

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Source: What is SIMA, Google Deepmind’s new AI that can play video games with you