What is Alycaeus Himalayae?

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A new snail species named Alycaeus himalayae was recently discovered from a cave in Arunachal Pradesh.

About Alycaeus Himalayae

  • It is a new snail species belonging to the genus Alycaeus.
  • Alycaeus is a genus of small land snails.
  • The genus is the first to be reported in India, as this genus is restricted to Southeast Asia and not known in the Indian region.
  • This new species differs from all other Himalayan alycaeid species due to its yellowish, conical shell.
  • The most similar shell in the vicinity is Stomacosmethis spratti from the Shan States, Myanmar.
  • It differs from all other Alycaeus species by the characteristic trumpet-like projection on the outer side of the operculum.
  • It is, so far, the only Alycaeus species inhabiting the Himalayas.
  • All other known Alycaeus species are reported from Laos, Vietnam, southern Thailand, and Peninsular Malaysia.

Q1) What are Snails?

Snails are a species of mollusks that belong to the family of gastropods. They are easily identifiable by their spiral shell, which they retract into when they are in danger or are resting. The only other species of gastropods are called slugs, with the main difference between them and the snail being the lack of a shell in slugs.

Source: New snail species discovered in Arunachal cave