Amangarh Tiger Reserve

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The tiger population at the Amangarh Tiger Reserve has increased from 21 mature tigers and six cubs in 2021 to 28 mature tigers and four cubs now.

About Amangarh Tiger Reserve

  • Location:
    • It is located in Amangarh in Bijnor district in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 
    • It is situated in the Terai region and covers an area of around 578 sq km.
  • It shares its boundaries with Jim Corbett National Park of Uttarakhand. 
  • It was originally part of the Jim Corbett National Park, and after the state of Uttarakhand was carved out of Uttar Pradesh, Jim Corbett went to Uttarakhand and Amangarh remained in Uttar Pradesh. 
  • It was declared a tiger reserve in 2012.
  • Flora: The vegetation of the tiger reserve is a combination of grasslands, wetlands and dense forest.
  • Fauna:
    • Mammals: Tiger, Elephant, Swamp Deer, Sambar, Cheetal, Hog Deer, Kakar, Langur, Sloth Bear, Porcupine, Otter.
    • Birds: Hornbill, Red Jungle Fowl, Pea Fowl, Bengal Florican, Fishing Eagle, Serpent Eagle, Osprey, Woodpeckers, Shama, Indian Pitta, Paradise Flycatcher, Orioles, Emerald Dove.
    • Reptiles: Monitor Lizard, Turtles, Python, Gangetic Dolphin, Mugger, Gharia etc.

Q1) What is the Terai region?

Tarai, also spelled Terai, is a region of northern India and southern Nepal running parallel to the lower ranges of the Himalayas. A strip of undulating former marshland, it stretches from the Yamuna River in the west to the Brahmaputra River in the east. At its northern edge are numerous springs forming several streams, including the important Ghaghara River, that intersect the Tarai (meaning “moist land”) and are responsible for its marshy character. 

Source: Rising tiger no. pushing Amangarh leopards into human habitations