National Programme on Anganwadi-cum-Crèches

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Recently, the union Minister of Women and Child Development inaugurated the National Programme on Anganwadi-cum-Crèches in New Delhi.

About National Programme on Anganwadi-cum-Crèches 

  • The Anganwadi-Cum- Crèche initiative under the Palna Scheme underwent revisions and was included as part of the Samarthya sub-component of Mission Shakti, starting from April 2022.
  • The central aim of Anganwadi-cum- Crèches is to meet the demand for quality childcare facilities and enable women to actively participate in the workforce.
  • The Government of India aims to set up 17,000 creches across the country.

Key points about Palna Scheme

  • The erstwhile National Creche Scheme has been reorganized and renamed as Palna Scheme under the sub scheme ‘Samarthya’ of ‘Mission Shakti’.
  • Objectives
    • To provide day-care facilities for children (6 months to 6 years) of working mothers in the community.
    • To improve nutrition and health status of children.
    • To promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional development (Holistic Development) of children.
    • To educate and empower parents /caregivers for better childcare. 
  • Services: The scheme will provide an integrated package of the following services:
    • Daycare Facilities including Sleeping Facilities.
    • Early Stimulation for children below 3 years and Pre-school Education for 3 to 6 years old children.
    • Supplementary Nutrition(to be locally sourced)
    • Growth Monitoring.
    • Health Check-up and Immunization. 
  • Target group: The scheme focuses on children of 6 months to 6 years, of working women in rural and urban areas who are employed for a minimum period of 15 days in a month, or six months in a year. 

What is a crèche?

  • A crèche is a facility which enables parents to leave their children while they are at work and where children are provided a stimulating environment for their holistic development.
  • Crèches are designed to provide group care to children, usually up to 6 years of age, who need care, guidance and supervision away from their home during the day.

Q1) What is Mission Shakti?

It is a scheme in mission mode aimed at strengthening interventions for women safety, security and empowerment. It seeks to realise the Government’s commitment for “women-led development‟ by addressing issues affecting women on a life-cycle continuum basis and by making them equal partners in nation-building through convergence and citizen-ownership.

Source: Government aims to set up 17,000 creches across the country