Apple Cultivation in India

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Demand for apples from Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh has shot up 30% as the earthquake in Turkey has halted shipments of the fruit to India.

About Apple Cultivation:

  • In India apple is primarily cultivated in Jammu & Kashmir; Himachal Pradesh; the hills of Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal.
  • It is also cultivated to a small extent in Arunachal Pradesh; Nagaland; Punjab and Sikkim. 
  • Climatic conditions required
    • The apple is a temperate fruit crop.
    • However, in India, the apple-growing areas do not fall in the temperate zone but the prevailing temperate climate of the region is due to the Himalayan ranges and high altitudes.
    • Temperature: The average summer temperature should be around 21-24 degrees C during the active growth period.
    • It can be grown at an altitude of 1500- 2700 m above sea level.
    • Rainfall: Well-distributed rainfall of 1000-1250 mm throughout the growing season is most favourable for the optimum growth and fruitfulness of apple trees.
    • Soil: Apples grow best on well-drained, loamy soils.


Q1) What is the distribution of loamy soils in India?

It is found in regions of low rainfall (eastern and southern parts of the Deccan Plateau). Along the piedmont zone of the Western Ghats, a long stretch of area is occupied by red loamy soil. This soil is also present in parts of Odisha and Chattisgarh and in the southern parts of the Middle Ganga Plain

Source: Demand for J&K, Himachal apples rises as Turkey quake hits supply