Artificial Intelligence Preparedness Index (AIPI)

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Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released an Artificial Intelligence Preparedness Index (AIPI) Dashboard.

About Artificial Intelligence Preparedness Index (AIPI): 

  • It assesses the level of AI preparedness across 174 countries.
  • The rating for each country is given based on the assessment of readiness in four key areas - digital infrastructure, human capital and labour market policies, innovation and economic integration, and regulation and Ethics.
  • The Index has categorised each country into Advanced Economy (AE), Emerging Market Economy (EM), and Low-Income Country (LIC).
    • Singapore (0.80), Denmark (0.78), and the United States (0.77) are among the highest-rated AEs,
    • India categorised as an EM with a 0.49 rating. India ranks 72 in a total of 174 countries, with Bangladesh (0.38) on 113, Sri Lanka (0.43) on 92, and China (0.63) on 31. 

Key facts about International Monetary Fund

  • It fosters economic growth and employment by providing temporary financial assistance to countries to help ease the balance of payments adjustment and technical assistance.
  • It was formed in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference with the goal of reconstructing the international monetary system.
  • Important Reports: World Economic Outlook and Global Financial Stability Report
  • Headquarters: Washington, DC, USA.

Q1: What is Artificial General Intelligence?

It refers to a machine or a software that can perform any intellectual task that a human can do. This includes reasoning, common sense, abstract thinking, background knowledge, transfer learning, ability to differentiate between cause and effect, etc.

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