What is the ‘Kavach’ System?

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The ambitious automatic train protection (ATP) system, Kavach, has so far been deployed on 1465 route km and 139 locomotives (including Electric Multiple Unit rakes) on South Central Railway sections, as per a government release.

About ‘Kavach’ System

  • It is an indigenously developed Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system.
  • It was developed by the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) under the Indian Railway (IR) in collaboration with the Indian industry.
  • It is a set of electronic devices and Radio Frequency Identification devices installed in locomotives, in the signalling system, as well the tracks, that talk to each other using ultra-high radio frequencies to control the brakes of trains and also alert drivers, all based on the logic programmed into them.
  • Since 2016, the railways have been carrying out field tests for Kavach on passenger trains.
  • Applications:
    • It is meant to provide protection by preventing trains from passing the signal at Red (which marks danger) and avoiding collisions.
    • The system can alert the loco pilot, take control of the brakes, and bring the train to a halt automatically when it notices another train on the same line within a prescribed distance.
    • The device also continuously relays the signals ahead to the locomotive, making it useful for loco pilots in low visibility.
    • It also controls the speed of the train through an automatic application of brakes in case the loco pilot fails to do so.
    • It helps the loco pilot in run the train during inclement weather conditions, such as dense fog.
    • An added feature is the centralised live monitoring of train movements through the Network Monitor System.

Q1) What is the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO)?

RDSO is an ISO 9001 research and development organization under the Ministry of Railways of India, which functions as a technical adviser and consultant to the Railway Board, the Zonal Railways, the Railway Production Units, RITES and IRCON International in respect of design and standardization of railway equipment and problems related to railway construction, operation and maintenance.

Source: Anti-collision system Kavach deployed on 1,465 route km, 139 locomotives