What is Barak Tank?

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Israel’s Defence Ministry recently unveiled its next-generation tank, the artificially intelligent Barak Tank.

About Barak Tank

  • The Barak, or Lightning, is a fifth-generation main battle tank developed by Israel.
  • It was developed jointly by the Israel Defense Ministry’s (IDF) Armored Vehicles Directorate and the IDF’s Ground Forces and Armored Corps.
  • Features:
    • It includes Artificial Intelligence based sensing and processing capabilities.
    • The Barak includes touch screens and an operational application store to help with missions. 
    • IronVision:
      • The tank commander will be equipped with a helmet known as IronVision, resembling those used by fighter jet pilots.
      • The device would enable real-time target location using artificial intelligence and 360-degree scanning via head movement.
      • This will enable soldiers to overcome inherent visibility challenges, thereby enhancing mission effectiveness and safety.
    • Weaponry:
      • It includes a 120mm smoothbore gun. This gun can fire high-penetration projectiles and guided ammunition at distances of up to four kilometres.
      • The additional weaponry consists of a pair of 7.62mm machine guns, an additional 7.62mm machine gun installed on the right side of the turret, and a 60mm mortar.
  • It features the advanced Windbreaker missile defense system.


Q1) What is a Smoothbore Gun?

A smoothbore gun is a type of firearm that has a barrel with a smooth, ungrooved interior surface. Unlike rifled firearms, which have spiral grooves (rifling) cut into the barrel's bore, smoothbore guns have a cylindrical bore without any rifling. This lack of rifling results in a smooth, even inner surface.

Source: Israel unveils next generation artificially intelligent tank