Belle Robot

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Researchers in Switzerland recently developed a new, autonomous fish robot named Belle, capable of giving conservationists a clearer picture of the organisms that live under the sea without disturbing the marine environment.

About Belle Robot:


  • It is an autonomous underwater robot designed to collect DNA samples and film underwater without disrupting the delicate ecosystem it explores. 
  • Objective: By analyzing DNA samples and video footage collected by the robot, researchers aim to better understand the impact of human activities on marine life and develop targeted conservation strategies.
  • Features:
    • Belle is silent, moves like a fish and doesn’t create a disruptive wake as she moves through her environment.
    • It employs artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously manoeuver and capture isolated e-DNA samples, as well as high-resolution video footage
    • Measuring just under a metre and weighing almost 10 kg out of the water, Belle is propelled by a silicone fin with two cavities into which water is pumped in cycles.
    • These cavities are filled and emptied with water through a pump system that moves the fin back and forth.
    • Additionally, its soft tail mimics the rising and falling motion of a fish, creating no disturbance or turbulence in the water, allowing it to blend effortlessly with other marine creatures.


Q1) What is e-DNA?

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is the genetic material shed by organisms in the water column. By collecting samples of mucus, feces, or tissue particles, scientists can process eDNA to make new discoveries about marine life.

Source: Belle, the inobtrusive AI robot fish, is helping researchers to protect our marine ecosytems