Beypore Uru

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Beypore’s miniature uru (dhow) to be presented at Qatar World Cup.

About Beypore Uru:

  • An uru is a wooden dhow, mainly made of Malabar teak, probably the biggest handicraft in the world.
  • Beypore urus are purely made of wood, without using any modern techniques, and traditional methods are used to launch this ship into the water.
  • The carpenters manually join each piece of wood to build the large boat.
  • Uru making in Beypore is a centuries old tradition that was established since India began its maritime trade with Mesopotamia.
  • Beypore is a town located on the banks of the Chaliyar River.


  • The Khalasis are the traditional artisans responsible for the manufacture of the Uru.
  • They are the ones who launch these urus into the water, setting them ready for travel.
  • Arab traders were especially enamoured of them, and were among the first major patrons of these vessels.
  • It takes at least four years and the effort of over forty Khalasis to build an Uru.

Source : The Hindu