Bhadra Tiger Reserve


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Recently, the number of people visiting the Bhadra tiger reserve for safari has gone up and the tourists need to take adequate care not to disturb this eco-sensitive zone.

About Bhadra Tiger Reserve: 

  • It is situated in the midst of the Western Ghats region of Karnataka.
  • The reserve is unique as it is nestled within several hill ranges. The habitat has a good population of elephants and is also an Elephant Reserve.
  • It boasts of a substantial tiger population and as such the sanctuary was declared the 25th Project Tiger reserve of India in 1998.
  • Rivers: Itis well drained by the river Bhadra and its tributaries.
  • Vegetation: It has dry-deciduous, moist-deciduous, shola, and semi-evergreen patches.
  • Flora: Teak, Rosewood, Mathi, Honne, Nandi and many medicinal plants etc.
  • Fauna: Tiger, Leopard, Leopard cat, Dholes, Indian Civet, ungulates like Gaur, Sambar and Barking Deer are common.
  • Other Tiger Reserves of Karnataka: Bandipura, Nagarahole, Dandeli-Anshi and Biligiriranga Tiger Reserve

Q1: What are Shola forests?

The Shola forests of South India derive their name from the Tamil word solai, which means a ‘tropical rain forest’. They are found in the upper reaches of the Nilgiris, Anamalais, Palni hills, Kalakadu, Mundanthurai and Kanyakumari in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Source: Bhadra Tiger Reserve: A paradise for scientists, tourists and photographers