Bharat Gaurav Trains Scheme

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Recently, to give promotion of rail based tourism through provision of better quality coaches and viable tour packages, the Bharat Gaurav Trains Scheme has been reviewed.

About Bharat Gaurav Trains Scheme:

  • In November 2021 the Indian Railways allowed private players to run theme-based Bharat Gaurav trains to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and historical places to the people of India, and from abroad.
  • How does it work?
    • Any operator can lease trains from the Railways to run on a theme-based circuit as a special tourism package. The operator has the freedom to decide the route, the halts, the services provided and, most importantly, the tariff.
    • The service provider can take custody of the trains for a minimum period of two years and a maximum period of up to the residual life of the coaches.

Salient Features of Revised Policy:

  • Henceforth, only Linke Hofmann Busch ( LHB) coaches will be allotted under the Bharat Gaurav Trains scheme.
  • Ministry of Railways has decided not to levy the overhead components in the Fixed and Variable Haulage Charges for operation of Bharat Gaurav Trains under the scheme.
  • The existing service providers, who have already been allotted ICF rakes would be given option to switch over to LHB rakes for the remaining period of agreement on the revised charges. However, if they opt to continue with already allotted rakes, benefit of revised charges would be available with prospective effect.


Source : PIB