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Recently, a stone deity worshiped by the Bhils in Madhya Pradesh’s Bagh was proved to be a fossilised dinosaur egg.

About Bhil Tribe

  • Bhils are considered as one of the oldest tribes in India.
  • The name 'Bhil' is derived from the word villu or billu, which according to the Dravidian language is known as Bow. 
  • They could be identified as one of the Dravidian racial tribe of Western India and belong to Austroloid group of tribes.
  • They are mainly divided into two main groups: the central and eastern Rajput Bhils.
  • The central Bhils are found in the mountain regions in the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujrat and Rajasthan. Bhils are also found in the north eastern parts of Tripura.
  • They speak Bhili, which is an Indo Aryan language.
  • Religion practice among the Bhils differ from place to place.
  • Most of them worship local deities like Khandoba, Kanhoba, Bahiroba, and Sitalmata. Some worship the Tiger God called 'vaghdev'.
  • They consult Badvas -the hereditary sorcerers on all the occasions. 
  • The Baneshwar fair is the main festival celebrated among the Bhils. This fair is held during the period of Shivratri (in the month of January or February) and is dedicated to Baneshwar Mahadev also known as Lord Shiva. 

Q1) Who are the Australoids?

It is a racial a classification that is used in reference to the people of Southeast Asia, South Asia, Melanesia, Australia, and other regions in East Asia. The idea of the Australoid race came because of the typological racial classification.

Source: Where fossils meet faith in a Madhya Pradesh district