Bhoomi Samman Awards

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Recently, the President of India presented the “Bhoomi Samman” 2023 at a function organised by the Union Ministry of Rural Development in New Delhi.

Why in news? 


The 9 state Secretaries and 68 District Collectors were presented with “Bhoomi Samman awards who have excelled in achieving saturation of the core components of Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP).


Bhoomi Samman Awards:

  • It aims to acknowledge and encourage outstanding performance in the implementation of the Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP).
  • Madhya Pradesh has secured the first position in the field of Digital India Land Records modernization in the country.
  • 15 districts of Madhya Pradesh have been awarded Platinum Grading for 100 percent achievement in all the components of Digital India Land Records Management Programme. 
  • It is a fine example of Centre-State cooperative federalism based on trust and partnership, as the grading system is largely based on reports and inputs of the States/UTs in the core components of computerization and digitization of land records.


Key facts about DILRMP:

  • It is a central sector scheme being implemented by the Department of Land Resources under the Ministry of Rural Development.
  • Aim: It attempts to build upon the commonalities that exist in the arena of land records in various States to develop an appropriate Integrated Land Information Management System (ILIMS) across the country.
  • The ILIMS integrates all the processes and lands records databases with the banks, financial institutions, circle rates, Registration Offices and other sectors.
  • Major components: Computerization of land records, Survey/re-survey, Computerization of Registration.


Q) What Central Sector Scheme?

A "Central Sector Scheme" typically refers to a type of government scheme or program that is entirely funded and implemented by the central government of a country. These schemes are usually meant to address national issues or priorities and are funded directly from the central government's budget.