Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Chhattisgarh High Court recently dismissed a public interest litigation (PIL) that aimed to designate the Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) as a tiger reserve.

About Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Location: It is situated in the Kawardha district of Chhattisgarh.
  • It is named after the famous 11th- century Bhoramdeo Temple situated near the Sanctuary.
  • It shares a border with Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, making it an important tiger habitat in central India.
  • Size: The sanctuary covers an area of approximately 325 square kilometers (125 square miles).
  • Rivers: This wildlife sanctuary is the origin of the Fen and Sankari rivers.
  • Landscape: The sanctuary is characterized by its lush green forests, rolling hills, and the Maikal Range of the Satpura Hills.
  • Vegetation: It offers a mix of dense forests and open grasslands.
  • Flora: The main species of plants in the Sanctuary include sal, saja, tinsa, kara and haldu.
  • Fauna: It is home to a variety of wildlife species, including tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, sambar deer, barking deer, chital (spotted deer), gaur (Indian bison), and various species of birds and reptiles.


Q1) What is a Wildlife Sanctuary?

A wildlife sanctuary is a protected area of land set aside to provide a safe and undisturbed habitat for wildlife. The primary purpose of a wildlife sanctuary is the conservation and protection of native flora and fauna. These areas are established to preserve biodiversity, protect endangered species, and allow wildlife to thrive in their natural habitats without human interference to a significant extent.

Source: Chhattisgarh HC dismisses plea seeking tiger reserve status for Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary