Border Security Force (BSF) Raising Day

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has greeted the BSF personnel and their families on the occasion of BSF's Raising Day.

Why in News?

  • Border Security Force (BSF) celebrates its Raising Day on 1 December every year.
  • It was on December 1, 1965 that the first sector of the Punjab Frontier of the BSF was raised with its headquarters in Jalandhar.
  • Currently, BSF comprises 2.65 lakh personnel, deployed across the international border in 193 battalions.
  • BSF plays a crucial role in containing unauthorized entry into or exit from the territory of India and it prevents transborder crimes.
  • It also works towards stopping illegal activities such as smuggling.
  • After the Indian Army, the BSF is the only Central Armed Police Force in the nation that has an independent air wing, effective artillery regiment, dedicated marine division and a special intelligence branch.
  • The BSF is also the sole paramilitary organisation globally to use an active camel cavalry to patrol the sands of the Thar Desert, which comprise of the common border between India and Pakistan.
  • The ‘Creek Crocodile - a Quick Reaction Team made of BSF commandos - was also raised to counter threats like that of 26/11.
    • They guard the brackish waters of the Kutch region in Sir Creek to prevent cross-border infiltration.
  • Despite being a border force, more than 7,000 women of all ranks are serving in the force on the eastern and western theatre.
  • This year, BSF will be celebrating its raising day for the first time in Punjab and second time outside Delhi


Q1) What is the motto of BSF?

With the slogan of 'Duty until death' BSF has the important duty of protecting the national borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh

Source: PIB