Broadcast Air-Time Scheduler (BATS)

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Integrated Traffic & Billing application software “BATS” inaugurated for all Commercial Operations of All India Radio” to Increases operational efficiency and reduces cost.'

About Broadcast Air-Time Scheduler (BATS): 

  • BATS can bring about transparency into the entire operations and make the entire commercial operations very efficient.
  • It allows monitoring of booking, billing and payment receipts etc. at various stages and system can provide various reports which are very essential in taking many management decisions.
  • BATS has the following important features:
    • To manage the scheduling and billing of advertising orders across multiple stations via one central database.
    • Increases operational efficiency and reduces cost.
    • Media Sales Traffic increases the efficiency of the organization by providing traffic team a flexible solution for planning, scheduling and billing of spots.
    • Ensures accurate billing by effectively managing account hierarchy, different Package and Products etc.
    • Payment processing and collections through integrated Payment Gateway of SBI.

Source : PIB