Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary

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Assam Chief Minister’s office recently shared photographs of the successful eviction drive at Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary.

About Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary:

  • Location: It is located on the southern bank of the river Brahmaputra in the Sonitpur district, Assam.
  • It is actually a part of the Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary. Though these two wildlife sanctuaries in Assam have two different names, they are ecologically and geographically a singular entity.
  • The area was declared a Reserved forest in 1974; it became a sanctuary in 1995.
  • Vegetation: It comprises of a mosaic of wet alluvial grassland, riparian and semi-evergreen forests dotted by wetland and river systems.
  • Flora:
    • A unique vegetation of this sanctuary is the abundance of freshwater mangrove trees.
    • There are many species of trees and medicinal plants in the sanctuary. Trees like simul, korai, ajar and hijal etc are found in the area.
  • Fauna:
    • It is well known for the Bengal Florican and One-horned Rhinoceros that was once on the verge of extinction.
    • Other important wildlife include otter, civet cat, leopard cat, Asiatic buffalo, wild boar and barking deer.


Q1) What is a Wildlife Sanctuary?

A wildlife sanctuary is a place where animals' habitats and surroundings are safeguarded from harm. Animal capture, slaughter, and poaching are all severely forbidden in certain areas. They want to provide the animals with a nice place to live. With lush woods, vast rivers, and high, gorgeous mountains, India boasts amazing wildlife sanctuaries.

Source: Assam CM Sarma shares pics after successful eviction drive at Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary