C-295 MW aircraft

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Recently, the Indian Air Force received the first C-295MW transport aircraft from Airbus in Seville, Spain.

AboutC-295 MW aircraft:

  • It is a transport aircraft of 5-10 tonne capacity.
  • It will replace the legacy Avro aircraft in the Indian Air Force (IAF) procured in the 1960s. 
  • It is a versatile and efficient tactical transport aircraft which can perform a number of different missions.
  • Under the contract, 16 aircraft will come in fly-away condition from Seville while 40 will be manufactured by Airbus jointly with Tata Advanced Systems Ltd. (TASL). 
  • Features
    • The aircraft, with a flight endurance of up to 11 hours, can carry out multi-role operations under all weather conditions.
    • It can routinely operate day as well as night combat missions from desert to maritime environments.
    • It can also operate on short unprepared airstrips as it is capable of Short Take-off and Landing (STOL).
    • It has a rear ramp door for quick reaction and para dropping of troops and cargo. Short take-off/land from semi-prepared surfaces is another of its features.
    • It can be converted into an air tanker that can deliver up to 6,000 kg of gasoline to fixed and rotary wing receivers by adding a detachable refueling kit.
    • Airborne Early Warning (AEW): It has a cutting-edge radar with 360-degree coverage to give a complete picture of the airspace in its Airborne Early Warning variant.
    • Water-Bomber: The C-295 can be transformed into a powerful water bomber that can put out forest fires with up to 7,000 litres of water due to a flexible roll-on/roll-off system.
    • It is equipped with a close-air-support operation that uses an Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR )with a multi-mission radar that can also be weaponized.
  • The aircraft can be utilised for casualty or medical evacuation as well as airdropping loads and paratroopers.
  • It is equipped to handle special missions, disaster relief operations, and maritime patrol responsibilities.


Q1) What is an Airborne Early Warning (AEW) system?

An Airborne Early Warning (AEW) system is a specialized aircraft equipped with radar and other sensors to provide early warning and surveillance capabilities for detecting and tracking airborne and maritime threats, including enemy aircraft, missiles, ships, and other potential threats. AEW aircraft are primarily used in military and defense applications but can also have civilian uses in areas such as search and rescue and border security.

Source: IAF chief takes delivery of first C-295 transport aircraft in Spain