What is C-Dome?

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Israel for the first time deployed its ship-mounted defence system, called the C-Dome.

About C-Dome

  • It is a naval version ofIsrael’s Iron Dome air defence system, used to shield against rocket and missile attacks.
    • The Iron Dome, which was activated in 2011 and has an effectiveness of about 90%, works by using radars to detect short-range rockets before destroying them with its own missiles. 
  • The C-Dome, which was first unveiled in 2014, declared operational in November 2022, works similarly to the Iron Dosme, using some of the same technology, except that it’s mounted on ships.
  • It is mounted on Sa’ar 6-class corvettes, German-made warships, and uses the same interceptor as the Iron Dome.
  • Unlike the Iron Dome, which has its own dedicated radar, the C-Dome is integratedinto the ship’s radar to detect incoming targets.
  • C-Dome ensures full-circular vessel protection and high kill probability against a full spectrum of modern threats—maritime and coastal.

Key Facts about Iron Dome

  • It is Israel’s air missile defense system that can defend against short-range rockets, intercepting them in the air above the state.
  • It is capable of successfully handling multiple rockets at a time.
  • Developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries, the system became operational in March 2011.
  • Features:
    • It is powered by missile-defense batteries.
    • It has all-weather capabilities and is able to function night or day.
    • It is able to launch a variety of interceptor missiles
    • It is designed to shoot down missiles with a range of about40 miles or less.
    • It also has the ability to be moved, either onto ships or across land, to better suit defense needs.
    • It must be reloadedto continuously intercept incoming missiles.

The Iron Dome operates through three main components:

  • A radar that detects incoming rockets,
  • A command-and-control system that determines the threat level,

An interceptor that seeks to destroy the incoming rocket before it strikes.

Q1: What is a Radar?

RADAR stands for ‘Radio Detection And Ranging’ and is an active transmission and reception method in the microwave GHz range. Radar sensors are used for contactless detection, tracking, and positioning of one or more objects by means of electromagnetic waves. The radar antenna emits a signal in the form of radar waves, which move at the speed of light and are not perceivable by humans. When the waves hit objects, the signal changes and is reflected back to the sensor – similarly to an echo. The signal arriving at the antenna contains information about the detected object.

Source: Israel Deploys C-Dome Defence System For First Time. Here's Why