Catamaran Vessel

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Cochin Shipyard has recently signed an MoU with Inland Waterways Authority of India to build the country's first hydrogen fuel cell catamaran vessel for Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.

About Catamaran Vessel:

  • The Shipyard also signed another MoU for the construction of six electric catamaran vessels for Uttar Pradesh and two such vessels for Guwahati.
  • The air-conditioned hydrogen fuel cell catamaran vessel will have a seating capacity for 100 passengers.
  • It will be deployed at Varanasi after test and trial in Kochi.
  • The air-conditioned electric hybrid vessels, designed for short-distance commute in riverine waters, will have seating capacity for 50 passengers.
  • The vessels will provide onboard accommodation for the crew, besides toilet and washroom facilities for the passengers.
  • The vessels will significantly contribute to the reduction in pollution levels in the National Waterways.

Source : All India Radio