What is the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS)?


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What is the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS)? Blog Image


Prime Minister Modi took oath today along with 71 ministers of the new coalition government. Thirty of them are Cabinet Ministers, five independent charge, and 36 Ministers of State.

About Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS)

  • It is headed by the Prime Minister.
  • The Committee discusses, debates, and is the apex body when it comes to the appointments of the officials in the national security bodies.
    • It also makes all the important decisions on defence policy and expenditure and, generally, all matters of India’s security.
  • Members: PM, Ministers of Defence, Home Affairs, Finance and External Affairs.
  • Functions:
    • Deals with all the issues related to the defence and security of India.
    • The CCS deals with all issues related to the law and order and national security of India.
    • It discusses different initiatives to take to enhance the national security of India.
    • It also deals with policy matters of foreign affairs that may have a bearing on internal or external security implications, including cases relating to agreements with other countries on security-related issues.
    • The Committee discusses the political issues which can impact the security of our nation.

What are Cabinet Committees?

  • Cabinet Committees are extra-constitutional, meaning, they are not mentioned in the Indian Constitution.
  • They are partly designed to reduce the burden on the Union Cabinet by allowing smaller groups of ministers to make decisions on specific policy areas.
  • They are constituted or reconstituted when a new government takes over or the Cabinet undergoes a reshuffle.
  • There are a total of 8 cabinet committees:
    • Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs.
    • Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs.
    • Cabinet Committee on Investment and Growth.
    • Cabinet Committee on Security.
    • Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs.
    • Cabinet Committee on Employment and Skill Development.
    • Cabinet Committee on Accommodation.
    • Appointments Committee of the Cabinet.

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