What is the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)?

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What is the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)? Blog Image


India's cyber security watchdog CERT-In recently found "multiple vulnerabilities" in the popular Google Chrome operating system (OS), which can even bypass security on the targeted system.

About CERT-In

  • It is the national nodal agency for responding to computer security incidents as and when they occur.
  • It is a functional organisation of the Ministry of Information & Electronics Technology.
  • Objective: Securing Indian cyberspace.
  • CERT-In has been operational since January 2004.
  • Objectives:
    • Preventing cyber attacks against the country's cyberspace.
    • Responding to cyber attacks and minimizing damage and recovery time
    • Reducing national vulnerability to cyber attacks
    • Enhancing security awareness among common citizens
  • The Information Technology Act 2000, designated CERT-In to serve as the national agency to perform the following functions in the area of cyber security:
    • Collection, analysis, and dissemination of information on cyber incidents;
    • Forecast and alerts of cyber security incidents;
    • Emergency measures for handling cyber security incidents;
    • Coordination of cyber incident response activities;
    • Issue guidelines, advisories, vulnerability notes, and whitepapers relating to information security practices, procedures, prevention, response and reporting of cyber incidents;
  • Constituency: The constituency of CERT-In is the Indian cyber community and Indian cyberspace.
  • CERT-In provides services to organizations in the Government, Public, and Private sectors. In addition, CERT-In provides services to individuals and home users as well.
  • Disclosure of information will be followed in accordance with Indian Constitutional laws.
  • CERT-In collaborates with: 
    • Organizations within and outside the country engaged in specialised areas in protecting and responding to cyber security incidents; 
    • Organizations engaged in collection of intelligence in general, law enforcement, investigation, and forensics; 
    • Academia, industry, service providers, and research and development institutions; 
    • Individuals or groups of individuals.

Q1) What is the Google Chrome operating system (OS)?

Google Chrome OS is an open source lightweight operating system (OS). It uses one-sixtieth as much hard drive space as Windows 7 and is intended for netbooks or tablet PCs that access Web-based applications and stored data from remote servers. 

Source: CERT-In flags Google Chrome vulnerabilities