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Recently, on the occasion of International MSME Day, the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, MSME launched ‘CHAMPIONS 2.0 Portal.

About CHAMPIONS 2.0 Portal:


  • Champions portal is a single-window grievance redressal portal for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • The CHAMPIONS stands here for the Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing Output and National Strength. Accordingly, the name of the system is CHAMPIONS.
  • It was launched on June 1, 2020, by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • It is created in a Hub & Spoke Model.
  • The Hub is situated in New Delhi in the Secretary MSME’s office. The spokes will be in the States in various offices and institutions of the Ministry.
  • As per the operational requirements, the MSME Ministry had earlier expanded the scope of the portal by onboarding 25 ministries/departments/ government institutions, 32 state governments, 58 banks/
  • New Features:
    • The revamped portal will now incorporate AI-driven chatbots and will be available in 11 languages, including Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, and Kannada.
    • The portal will also have a real-time feedback mechanism for its analysis.


Q1) What is hub-and-spoke model?

The hub-and-spoke model is a transportation or distribution system that uses a central hub or node as a focal point for the movement of goods, people, or information to and from various spokes or peripheral locations. It is commonly employed in logistics, airline industry, telecommunications, and transportation networks.

Source: Shri Narayan Rane launches ‘CHAMPIONS 2.0 Portal’, ‘Mobile App for Geo-tagging of Cluster Projects, Technology Centers’ and 'MSME Idea Hackathon 3.0' for women entrepreneurs