Chandravalli Cave

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About Chandravalli Cave: 

  • It is located in the state of Karnataka.
  • The cave complex is also known as the Ankali Math, named after a saint from Ankalagi in Belagavi district who is believed to have come and settled here. 
  • The cave has many chambers such as a puja place with a shivlinga , a drawing room, a bedroom, and a water outlet that connects to a tank inside.
  • Historical significance
    • Excavations around this site surrounded by three hills have revealed coins, painted bowls, and earthen pots dating back to various dynasties such as the Hoysala, the Satavahana and the Vijayanagara.
    • There is also a rock inscription of Mayurasharma, the founder of the first Kannada dynasty — the Kadamba dynasty — dating back to AD 450.
    • The region had connections with Rome and China, as some coins found here reveal. Some of the walls are adorned with paintings done in organic paint.

Key facts about Kadambas

  • The Kadambas of Goa were the subordinates of Chalukyas of Kalyana.
  • Chalukya emperor Tailapa II appointed Kadamba Shasthadeva as mahamandaleshwara of Goa for his help in overthrowing the Rashtrakutas.
  • Kadamba Shasthadeva conquered the city of Chandavara from the Shilaharas in 960 A.D.
  • Later, he conquered the port of Gopakapattana (present Goa).

Gundayya, the son of Talara Nevayya, may have participated in this battle, and won the port at the cost of his life.

Q1: What are inscriptions in history?

Inscriptions are the writings on stone, metal or some materials as an important historical source. These are valuable historical evidence of the existence and activities of early kings and empires. ... Inscriptions are the information written on the stones, pillars and other metals.

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